Confused- Which hearing aid - Widex Dreams 110, Sonic Flip 60, Siemens, or Starkey

Hi! My mother has in Left Ear “Mixed hearing loss” & in Right Ear “Moderate Steep Sloping Seajorineural hearing loss” as per hear report. She lost her old hearing aid of Right ear.

The audiologist has advised her to buy RIC of either Widex Dreams 110 (3 channel) or Sonic Flip 60. She has been advised 100 dB receiver for left and 80 dB for right. He said while Widex Dreams 110 has 3 channels, Sonic has Speech variable processing i.e. full channel.

I tried to get second opinion from another audiologist and she advised to go for Starkey, which she said is the best. She said don’t go for Siemens (although biggest but product not so technically advanced). She said don’t go for Sonic, comparatively Widex better but loosing ground due to lot of repairs required in Widex…

It seems that the audiologists are advising to buy the make which they are selling. I find myself totally confused and scared to buy any product with the fear that i may go wrong.

My mother is about 63 years, not very active, she wants to be able to understand group conversation (which she cant presently hear in Widex menu series BTE, model ME-9 & ME-19). Further she likes to watch TV and talk on mobile phone and landline phone.

I would be grateful if you could advise which make & model of hearing aid is of better quality & will be suitable for her.

It would be great help if you post her Audiogram.

What was her old instrument that she lost? what brand/model.
Generally talking if she has 2 aids she will be able easier to communicate with people, will not do any difference on the phone.
If she was using many years one ear it will be a bit harder for her to listen using both ears, but she need time to adopt

If her old instrument was Widex, it is known that will have problems adopting to a different companies sound. she will eventually but it would be easier to stick to the same sound/company feel.

I could not say what is better and what is worst, if i do not know the audiogram.
Sonic i do not know, i have 0 experience. Siemens is expensive as is Widex
Starkey is cheaper and possibly stronger/louder sound but not so comfortable sound.

You should base your choice also on your audiologist near you that you feel like you can trust and program your mothers aids 2-3-4 times till she is happy.

The Widex Menu 9 and 19 is on trial period?? if not able to listen with those i doubt she will be able to listen to the Dream 110.


Sir, thanks a lot for your kind reply. I am attaching hereto her Audiogram.

She has been using Widex Menu 9 and Menu 19. Now that she has lost one piece, she has been advised to go for RIC type hearing aid to get better hearing.

The following options have been advised:

Widex Dreams 110 (RIC, 3 channel) was recommended by both the audiologists but both said that currently they are facing issues with repairs as their servicing team has changed.

Sonic Flip 60 (RIC, Full channel). One audiologist suggested Sonic, saying it is 8-10% better than Widex Dreams 110. The second audiologist said not to go for Sonic.

One audiologist suggested Starkey, while the other audiologist said it is good but battery consumption is very high as it lasts about 3 days only, so the processor is eating more battery and should be avoided.

I would be grateful if you could please advise the make & model for my mother.

Provided she has lost the right H/A then RIC option is suitable.
I believe since she has been using Widex it is a safe choice to go for this, she knows the sound …

i would go either for a RIC Dream 110 or a MENU10 -9 (BTE 10 channel) with speech enhancer

should be the same price possibly hear a bit better with the BTE. (same battery 13 size )

whatever i say here she has to try it though …

I would not consider Sonic or Starkey for this loss

repairs of widex !!! they do not break down…fairly durable i would say…

Widex is quite durable in my opinion. I’m quite active outdoors and routinely get 8 years plus out of my Widex CIC aids. I’m a fan of Widex, but they are not for everybody. I just basically want to address the repair fallacy.

Menu 10 with Speech Enhancer is much more expensive than Dream 110. Here in the U.S., it’s close to 50 percent more.

Why not? They have products that can fit this loss just as well as Widex.

My mother is not very active, she is 63 yrs. Her first hearing aid was Widex CIC type which was a complete disaster as it required repairs all the time and she is also not very careful to clean the wax so in the process her hearing also worsened requiring her to go for a Widex BTE type hearing aid.

Now that her right ear hearing aid is lost, she has been advised to go for a RIC type hearing aid. Since RIC also sits inside the canal, do you feel that it will have similar wax related problems which CIC did or will it be better than going for BTE which she was using earlier.

Further, do you feel I should take Widex Dreams 110, Sonic Flip 60, or Starkey.

I would be very grateful if any member could please advise.

here it is not 50% more, it should be the same price and if MENU 10 then MENU 5 for sure

you wear Widex in one side, you have for so many years Widex and you want to experiment??? please do, i would not. if you can do a trial with a BTE please do and decide yourself.

RIC due to receiver in canal they have similar issues with CIC hearing aids. BTE’s with a second earmould solve many issues.

good luck in picking.

63 ain’t exactly over the hill… I would recommend whichever one that gives her the best hearing.

I think BTE would be the best option because RICs have a wax guard which needs to be changed periodically. That may not be an easy task depending on your mother’s dexterity. Since Widex still manufactures the Menu BTE, I would suggest replacing the lost unit with an identical unit. That way there’s no disruption and your mother won’t need an adjustment period to get used to the sound of a new hearing aid.

WOW, unless Mom has some kind of problem I’m betting any 63 year old could manage to change a wax guard? has she had a stroke, blind or some other physical problem?

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WOW, unless Mom has some kind of problem I’m betting any 63 year old could manage to change a wax guard? has she had a stroke, blind or some other physical problem?