Confused about My Resound GN streamers

I have had my Resound GN‘ S for a couple of years now. I have accumulated several streamers: The Resound Phone Clip+ (I had an android phone but now I have an iPhone); I got a Multi Mic; last I got a TV Streamer 2. I also have the resound smart 3-D app on my iPhone, and just figured out how to get the multi Mike and the TV streamer to recognized by my hearing aids and the smart 3-D app.I am trying to figure out if I want to wrap in this Phone Clip+ or if that was something that was primarily functional prior to Smart 3D and when I had an android phone. All this technology is beginning to overwhelm me just a bit.

With an iPhone you can stream phone sound directly to the aids, but you still have to hold the phone and speak into its mic. By using the Phone Clip you can talk on the phone completely handsfree, and you can answer calls without reaching for your phone in your pocket or bag. The phone just have to be within Bluetooth distance (5-10m) and you can have 2 phones connected at the same time. I can answer both my POTS/PSTN and my mobile from everywhere in the house by wearing the Phone Clip. It also functions as a lite remote.

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