Concept design for bone conduction hearing aid

A smart hearing aid designed with modern aesthetics to empower you! | Yanko Design)
What a concept.

That looks far worse than my hearing aids. My aids are not even seen by anyone that isn’t looking, and I wear Rite aids with custom ear molds

I’m trying to visualize what they resemble. The best I can come up with are those coiled spring wrist grips that you squeeze to improve hand & wrist strength.
like these

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Looks like something you could use to heat up coffee in your ear.


Looks like a candidate for a crowdfunding format. Totally screwy.

Nothing could convince me to buy those HA’s!!


I think this was suppose to be announced on April 1st

I think it will take a lot more development before this could be marketed. I don’t get how a small coil of wire could stimulate the cochlea. I’d try one if it wasn’t too expensive.

I think they look rather cool… Tis about time we started showing off our hearing aids as opposed to trying to hide them, hopefully once they are developed they will be a goer…


Very well said!
A true case of size matters :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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In truth Flashb, I tell nearly everyone I meet that I have a severe/profound loss, I have 2 x hearing aids, I need you to enunciate your words, please don’t shout, depending on your voice I may need some visual clues, mime etc, I may need you to rephrase because certain words I am never going to get and please try to hold eye contact with me… Ultimately most people will oblige and I would much prefer folks are aware of my loss than struggle aimlessly trying to hold a conversation…I need contextual information! As I have said often enough before, I would easily use hearing aids the size of bananas on either ear if I felt they would help me hear better :+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is this really bone conduction? I have severe hearing loss due to scarring in my middle ear. I have tried AdHear (too much feedback), SoundArc (headaches from headband) and Ponto on a headband (some headaches but better headband design).

I actually like the design. Function over form

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I agree. I like the design. If it’s bone conduction, I’m all over it.

What I don’t understand is why they continued to have the mic in the back? I get it for BTE aids but this one could clearly place it forward to overcome that battle.

I think it is actually cartilage conduction but I don’t think it is available yet.

It’s because ‘designers’ aren’t the sort of hearing aid Engineers who necessarily understand the importance of Pinna acoustics and or Pinna directional cues.