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I really liked Squeezers suggestion or question in a different post under bluetooth. He/She asked why can’t they download updates to streamers/ha’s by simply hooking it up to your computer.

This technology could be easily done now with top of the line instruments if we could get the Hearing Aid manufacturers and Audi/dealers to cooperate. They could only allow access to the upgrades through your Audi/Hearing aid dealer’s website or with a password provided by the Audi/Dealer. The audis/hearing aid dealers should also be able to do programming of the hearing aids remotely. The audis could keep their hands in the process this way. Then problems/upgrades could easily be done by all without missing out on use of the instruments while it is being upgraded.

I think we as users need to demand these types of services. While I feel face to face meetings are necessary for new fittings and earmolds, other things like changes/upgrades can/should be available over the net without the need for face to face meetings. I am an experienced HA user of 37 years (39 years old). These sort of tasks would be very simple for me. Even some minor programming would also be fairly easy for me.

What does everyone else think?

Interesting as a forum discussion point (altho my original statement was really just my personal rant.)

I think the Mfrs would resist this as a premise tho due to risk of Intellectual Property being divulged. Letting end users (or even Audis) inside the software at any level could leave them open to reverse engineering by Hackers.

I agree that it would be nice to provide those clients who want it, a fitting “Lite” software package that would allow them to do minor customization (software could pre-set handle limits & access as well as autosave the original Audi settings as a read only file that could be restored on demand) It could also have a live update when I hooked up to my computer & search the web for updates.

The technology exists to do this but remember that increased tech & increased access will also increase the responsibility more to the user & increase the risk of messing it up. I have not liked every Windows update that came down the pike & it takes a very informed consumer to know when & more importantly when NOT to apply some of the updates.

most fitting software use a generic fitting formula, (either DSL or NAL)
The NAL NL1 is no secret… Only perhaps the premium price instruments
have propietary formula… But are based on either NAL NL1

By the way, NAL NL2 it is on is way… It seems gender would be a fitting factor…

OK, this HAS to be interesting…

How/Why will Gender be a fitting factor (other than potential size of the ears & canals)

Clearance or Shielding for too many earrings?:slight_smile:


According to harvey Dillon, male ask for more gain compare to females,!

:stuck_out_tongue: Hmmm… that reminds me of other Male v. female sayings.

Does that mean a woman is more likely to say:

“It’s not the volume that matters… It’s the audability?”:smiley:

BTW xbldr, are you an Audi or HIS?
If so, would you check out my post in Digital Aids
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Thanks for any input you can give.