Completion of the world's first two robotics-assisted cochlear implant insertions

Nothing major but future CI skull surgery will probably be done by robots, with doctor assistance. I assume with robot assistance, patient operating time would be shortened along with reduced pain from surgery.


I don’t know enough about cochlear implant surgery to comment directly on this, but I know that in general robotic surgery takes longer than non robotic approaches. I’m also doubtful that this is much less invasive than the way they do it now. Perhaps standardization and preciseness could be an advantage?

CI operation probably takes 3 to 5 hours, on an out patient basis. I think with robotics assistance might cut the time down to two hours or so.

The implant surgery is an outpatient procedure that takes 1.5 to 2 hours.
We do have to get there 2 hours early and then there is the 1.5 hours of waking up from anesthesia.
Mine is Thursday.


Your correct. I was adding the over all time before, during and after. But length of time on operating table is 2 hours or so.