ComPilot not streaming Bluetooth. Ideas?

I have Phonak Bluetooth compatible hearing aids and a ComPilot neckloop. I just got the system in Jan 2013 and I have had nothing but trouble with these aids. Now, a week before I travel internationally, the ComPilot has stopped streaming Bluetooth or receiving signal from my TVLink. I have changed batteries, switched the neckloop cord, re-paired the units, and nothing is working. The ComPilot is not communicating with me. It isn’t even telling me when it goes on or off, when Bluetooth audio is receiving… nothing. I can still adjust the volume of my hearing aids with it, but that is all. My phone says it is connected, but when I play music, nothing. The phone says it is connected, but nothing comes through. Any ideas??? I desperately want this feature to work while I’m on my trip!!! And I don’t think I’ll get in to see my audiologist in time. HELP!!!

I have had Naida Q70s with ComPilot and TVLink since April. I have found them to be very reliable. I use it daily at work. Something might be wrong with some of your equipment. Can you have it checked before you travel? I can still pick up my TVLink when I walk down the hallway from my office approximately 50 feet. When I return it picks up the signal and goes back to streaming.


My audiologist shipped to me a brand new ComPilot, and I am now reconnected with my TVLink (which I LOVE!). However, my audi didn’t program the ComPilot to allow me to toggle between programs in my HAs, nor any way to modify volume on the aids. Luckily I found an audiologist here locally who carries Phonak and will program the ComPilot on Thursday. I can say without a doubt that this ComPilot has better quality and clarity than the other one ever did.

Glad to know this forum is here and glad to be plugged back in with my own little “Siri” back in my ear. Thanks for your help and response!


Go to your manual that came with the compilot and try resetting it and see it that does the trick.

Dear Tinamvial
Allow me to help as your question is urgent.
Pls do the following test:

  • switch on ComPilot and the hearing instruments
  • wear ComPilot around your neck.
  • FIRMLY insert both ends of the neckloop into the ComPilot neckloop sockets!
  • Press the ComPilot <> and the large front button simultaneously for 2 seconds until the audio indicator light turns solit violet
  • now the hearing aids should switch to streaming and you will hear a demo music played by the ComPilot directly.

If this is not the case, you still have a broken neckloop. Or even a broken device which needs repair.
Michael, Phonak

I did that. It didn’t work. They sent me a new one. Thanks, though!!