ComPilot ll BT connect to car BT


My ComPilot ll is terrific. It connect to my cell phone (Moto Z Play} my TV (Sam, UN49MU) & my wired phone (Pan.KX-TGF 570) BUT cannot connect to my new car’s wi-fi system: 2018 Hyundai Sonata w/tech pkg. Has anyone had experience connecting a CP with their car’s wi-fi system?



As your car has WiFi not Bluetooth, I don’t think you’ll be able to connect it.



Assuming you meant car’s BT, I think the directionality is wrong. Smart Phone can SEND to car’s radio and SEND to hearing aids. Hearing aids and car radio are both RECEIVING bluetooth signal. I think you want your car’s radio to SEND to your hearing aids and I don’t think that’s possible.

And I’ll add, I think you’d need a wired connection from your radio to your Compilot II for it to work.



I misspoke. Car has BT



Yeah, I agree with MDB above. The problem is that you want the audio output to go to your hearing aids, via your streaming device or directly, but it doesn’t do that, it goes to the car speakers. In any case, it doesn’t even pair with car bluetooth (I tried this as well in my audi). I am not sure why - possibly because the car will only pair with certain types of bluetooth device - in this case phones.

This seems to me to be an untapped area of the market. It would be nice to have the radio going directly into the hearing aid. But I’ve never seen anything for this, other than fitting the car with an inductive loop system i.e. wiring it for telecoil, but that was around 15 years ago.



I don’t understand. My TV "transmits to my ComPilot. If thar example showa the TV sending, why wouldn’t the car radio? Tried to get answer from Phonak, but they are very non-responsive.



The car bluetooth is a receiver, not a transmitter. It receives signal from a smartphone and plays it on the car speakers. It doesn’t transmit bluetooth audio. It may have a microphone and work with phone calls, and in that case it acts as a headset.



Thank youn gentlemen.Finally got it though my thick head.You comments are greatly appreciated.