ComPilot - How to tell if its dead or just broken neckloop?

Hey Folks,

I’ve been using my ComPilot for over a year happily, but this weekend it seems to have died. I have an appointment with my audi tomorrow, but I thought i’d see if there are any workarounds. When I turn the compilot on, the green light flashes and then turns off (no lights display). It wont stream anything either over bluetooth or via a stereo plug in the bottom. When I press the <> and main button to get it to play the demo sounds, nothing happens (LED does not turn purple as expected). I tried the 3-button reset I read about here and nothing happens (no lights). The unit does not seem to be totally dead as I can still use the volume up/down buttons and program switcher. I suspect its the neck loop from reading here. I cant see anything wrong with the cable, but it could be broken inside.

Does this compilot behavior sound like neckloop problems to you? My audi is mainly an Oticon shop, so their experience with Phonak is limited. I hope they have a spare cable to swap in, its funny how important the streamer becomes once you’re used to it.


My complete out of blue will not be working despite resetting Sometime I just recharged it and it will work again. I did send it once and they gave me a new one right away. With the new one one day it quits working. So I left it charged overnight and now it is working again. Hope this will help you.

Thanks for the reply. I wondered about the charge level also so I left it charging overnight, no luck. I hope its just the neckloop.

Neck loops do wear out. I go through at least one a year. I get a new one for free from my Audi and have recently gotten her to give me an extra to have a reserve for next time. You can also buy one on the Internet if you want to have a spare and your Audi isn’t willing to give it to you.

My got my ComPilot in October 2014 and it died on a morning walk in May 2015. It was sent in a replaced by Phonak. 7 months service and it was dead. It also acted erratic and just would not work at all, but it was not a dead battery.

The new one works better than the first one and has much longer battery life per charge.

Thanks to everyone who replied. To close the loop (so to speak) the problem was the neckloop. I got a replacement (and a spare!) from my audi and now i’m back in action with the ComPilot. In my case what I think broke it was wearing a messenger bag over my shoulder which crossed over my chest and stretched the neckloop cable. Now i’ll be much more conscious of that kind of problem - and i’ve switched to using a backpack!