Compilot connection to tv, has RCA connectors?

I just ordered the Phonak Brio from Costco. My 5+ year old Rexton Cobalt 16 right ear aid died and could not be fixed. I pick up the new aids in 2 weeks (having molds made to try), and I notice, when I looked it up on the internet, that the Compilot connects to the tv with RCA connectors like my Tec did with the Rextons. I would have thought with the new tv’s using digital out instead of RCA connectors, that the Compilot would have a digital connector and not the RCA connectors. I have to connect the Rexton Tec to my cable box for the sound to work. Looks like I will have to do that with the Compilot. This again will preclude me from using Netflix or hearing anything that the sound is streaming through the new HD big tv.

I have an older HD tv that I can still use RCA connectors with to connect right to the tv so I won’t be getting rid of that tv for a while.

Anyone have any solutions so I can connect the Compilot to my 55 inch HD directly and not through the cable box when I get the Compilot?

No matter what your TV audio out connection is, there are converters to RCA. Search on Amazon. For example if your TV audio out is Toslink I found this page on Amazon.

Thank you. I will check this out!

I see the newer Compilot II and TV link II will connect with the newer tv’s that use digital. Thought I was perhaps going to buy that at a later date, but you have solved the issue, for a lot less money! Thanks again.

My HD TV has both RCA and HDMI. I’ve been using my TV Link using the supplied RCA cable which works fine for me. The TV Link also comes with a 1/8" mini stereo cable for plugging into a headphone jack on the TV which I had to use when I went out of state during Christmas and the hotel room still had analog TV’s. I had to use the 1/8" stereo cable to plug into the cable box to get audio.

If such a cable exist, I wonder if a female RCA to HDMI cable would work?

Got the Brio’s today, used the RCA connector into the DVR like I did with my Rexton Cobalt 16 on the Big tv in the living room. Used the mini stereo cable with the extra plug in my tv in the bedroom. I can leave both connections in place, and just move the TV Link (same as with the Rextons), so I am good. Thanks for your help.