ComPilot Audio Streaming problems

Hi all,

So I’m currently having issues with my Compilot that are really starting to annoy me.

Basically, the sound to my right aid is prone to cutting out momentarily (most times), and usually happens when I move my head slightly, or the device. Other issues I have is the degree of stereo separation appears to decrease often, also depending on the orientation of my head. This happens when listening to audio over both bluetooth, and the 3.5mm audio in jack, although is much worse with the latter.

My hearing aids are BTE Solana aids. I am using a brand new short neckloop (my second replacement neckloop too I might add, they aren’t very sturdy :frowning: ).

I’ve always had issues with stereo separation, but the audio cutting out on one aid has only started happening within the past couple of months.

Is there anything I can do to help solve the issue? Is it a known issue? Or does it sound like I have a faulty compilot or even hearing aid?


When other people have had the same problem, people have said its a faulty antenna in the hearing aid. Hope you get it sorted.