Compilot and Phonak Nadia Q90 UP

Does anyone know if the Phonak Nadia Q90 UP’s will work with the compilot 1 or 2? Basically I’m looking to use my cell phone via Bluetooth to the compilot then stream the compilot to my hearing aids once paired, or is there a better option for me.

The Naída Q will only work with the ComPilot, not the ComPilot II.

I have the Compilot not the Compilot 2

I believe the compilots will pair for streaming purposes. But probably not as a remote (volume & programs).
I had “old” Naidas and when I got the Compilot (had the iCom before) I was only able to use it for streaming. Now I have the Q90’s and use it for both streaming and as a remote.

Does it work?