ComPilot and Phonak Core hearing aids

Hi all!
I need some info about functions of the Compilot with my hearing aids. I use two Naida III Up dAZ (Core platform) and here in my country my hearing professional doesn’t know about all technicall issues with this compatibility, and has not a ComPilot to try.
She told me only that my Naida’s maybe are not fully compatible with Compilot, but it is with the Icom, and Icom is discontinued. I’m sad about this situation because my Naida’s are about just 5 months with me and the connection capabilities are obsolete. :frowning: I currently use Tcoil function to talk on my cellphone, with a Nokia bluetooth clip device and ear hooks, but it is not a complete comfortable choice because wires connected to the dongle are usualy long and fragile with movement.
I’ve read that Compilot works with the Naida III UP dAZ only for streaming functions, no grouping (don´t know hat it is) and no remote control, but i can´t find information about if bluetooth connection or pairing with a cell phone will be available to use with my hearing aids or what functions come with the streaming capability.
I have all info that is available on Phonak websites. I’ll appreciate any other technicall information you could send me.


It will work like the icom, so streaming, for music and phone calls etc.

The only thing that won’t work with it, is the remote control side to it. The ComPilot is a remote and a streamer. You can use just the streamer. My friend has the Naida V Core and she uses the ComPilot and loves it.

Sure? :slight_smile: thank´s. I was in a dilema of spending about $380 to use it just for music and not for cell phone connection. Other doubt is, if the remote microphone is part of streaming function? There is a ComPilot+Remote Mic Combo with a very nice price.
Thanks man.

My friend is thinking about getting the remote mic but she hasn’t yet got it yet so can’t be sure it would work. I would say it would as it works via Bluetooth which is nothing to do with your Naidas.

Although I know many people are concerned about buying expensive items from EBAY, but I just purchased a new COMPILOT and a REMOTE MIC from a seller in Canada for $305, delivered. Great service, fast delivery and full warranty. Worked right out of box with no pairing. If your interested, PM me and I’ll give you his name.

I have the compilot and remote mic,The remote mic works great when used in a motel room to hear the tv.I just set the mic in front of the tv and it works great for the sound.I have tried it in restaurants and it does not dampen background noise.

I want the mic for the same TV reason jojo. I’ve been using T-coil devices to listen the TV but when i have the Tcoil on, I can listen when my neighbour has turned on his Trinitron even if I’m 5 meters away of the wall that separate us. So the interference kills my fun time.
But in the restaurant i guess you may give the mic to clip it on to the person who is telling the joke :smiley: We must look out for another good bluetooth mic maybe without 20m of range but with good deal with background noise.
I’ve been always a t-coil fan, it has helped me trully a lot. Now i’ll become a bluetooth fan :slight_smile:

Hi Netman, all
Allow me to make some general suggestions of the use around Bluetooth technology.

The providers of such wireless microphones may use Bluetooth, which may lead to the assumption that any Bluetooth mic will do the job.
This is not the case, as all solutions (not only Phonak) are optimized for low latency transmission, which usually only works within one brand.

For the mentioned RemoteMic, if too much noise is picked up, try to reduce the volume to around level 5-7 (on the RemoteMic itself) and make sure the speaker is wearing is closely to the mouth.
Then increase the volume using the ComPilot + button. This should give you less noise and more understanding of the speaker.

Hope this tip may be of help
Michael, Phonak

I use the ComPilot to stream Bluetooth to my Phonak hearing aids and use the TVLink to transmit to my HAs. But last night, just one week before I travel internationally, all communication from the ComPilot stopped. There is no verbal announcement coming from it at all, and it won’t pick up any streaming. The audio light shows it is trying to receive the signal, and both my phone and the TVLink unit are transmitting. Phone says Bluetooth is connected, but it isn’t streaming. I can adjust my HA volume with the ComPilot, but that is all. I have changed batteries, changed neckloop cords, deleted the pairing and re-paired the phone, and nothing. I’m SOOOO frustrated! This unit is only 8 months old, and I really really want this unit to work seamlessly on my trip! There’s no way I’m going to get to see my audiologist this week and get this addressed by him. HELP!!!