Compilot 2 microphone levels


Every microphone i try with the Compilot 2 (on board and plug in) works “ok” but the microphone levels seem very hot, picking up all background noise and many times my callers ask where I am because the background noise seems loud to them. They can hear me OK but I’m trying to make it better.

I haven’t found a noise limiting lapel mic but that would be great to have.

Is there a way to adjust the Compilot 2 microphone levels? I wonder if there might be a hardware screw adjustment inside? I don’t see any software options.



I use Phonak’s original lapel mic. My callers calling me on the smartphone complain that they can hardly hear me. In this case I speak directly into the mic.
Callers calling me on the landline phone (bluetooth capable DECT) can hear me pretty well after I increased the mic level on the phone(!). Sadly there is no adjustable mic level on my android :frowning:
In either case there seem to be no problem with background noise.



@Dani Is that where that mic is good for?!! I tested it once in a bar letting my friend wear it and it was definitely worse that without. Not at all comparable to a RogerPen. Hadn’t thought about using it this way. Thanks.
(I got all the gadgets when I bought my used aids.)



A microphone attached to the Compilot 2 is for phone calls, to capture your voice for the outgoing side of the call.



The semi-official, almost last word on Compilot 2 microphone levels seems to be, no adjustment available.

Went for an adjustment today and my audiologist called a Phonak rep, and after detailed explanations and assurances that we were not talking about gain levels through my hearing aids, she conceded there are no microphone level adjustments for the Compilot 2.

The actual last word will probably come in a couple of weeks when my audiologist talks to her Phonak trainer.

So I’m back to searching for the elusive noise limiting lapel mic.



Have you tried the microphone offset in Target? Just wondering if that works.



That offset in Target belongs to the input level of your HAs that is decreased (or increased) before applying the normal gain to the overall output to your own ears.

Don in contrast wants to increase the volume that is transmitted to his callers. There is no way doing this in Compilot or Target. The only way to do this is on the other bluetooth device (i.e. smartphone). But I haven’t seen a (android-)smartphone that can adjust the level of a microphone connected via bluetooth. As already said I have seen that adjustment on my landline DECT phone which is connected with my Compilot via Bluetooth.



If you rooted your android phone, you can use pulseaudio or alsamixer in the terminal emulator to amp the microphone input, IIRC. For example an app like this would do it.

Where in Phonak Target can you find that microphone offset? I would like to experiment with it for the piano fidelity.



??? There is still none.
The offset still belongs to your own hearing experience during phone calls. Look at the popup when moving your mouse over the “(i)” in Target that you find by clicking in order 1, 2, 3 and 4 until you get the screen like the following screenshot.
It describes “Volume offset:
Perceived own voice volume from ComPilot II during a phone call.”



Dani, thanks for the useful clarification.
Markismus. You need to connect your compilot then use the “instruments” tab and then “Device options”.



Too bad. You people got my hopes up! I misread.

Haven’t visited those device option after the initial setup. Clearly forgot all about them.