Compilot 1 service and repair


I have just read in another group that Phonak have discontinued manufacturing and servicing to the Compilot 1. Apparently the neckloop will still be available through Amazon and places like this.
Also parts eg batteries won’t be available either from Phonak.
Can anyone confirm this?



The Compilot 1 is Phonak Quest generation I believe. That puts the Venture, Beyond and now the Marvel generations after them.

If the Marvels prove out their new communications the Compilots will go away. If the Marvels would do what the Compilots will do and as well I would be good with that.



Will the ComPilot II not address your needs going forward? It is the newer version and is still being manufactured to my knowledge.



Correct, discontinued.

It’s not backwards compatible with the quest line, unfortunately.

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@Neville thank you for confirming that.

@cnicklo I have a compilot 11 which I don’t use since getting the N7. I know some people on the board here have a compilot 1 and I was just wanting to let all know that it’s parts are no longer available for the compilot 1. If they were thinking of buying parts they might need to do so quickly, while stock is available.



I wear the Phonak Q90 so use the ComPilot I. The neckloop should still be available because it’s the same neckloop as the ComPilot II.



Depends on the manufacturing date. Not sure about your location, but here in the US, older ComPilot I can be sent in for repair through August 31. Newer units still under warranty will be covered.