Comparison - Bernafon Chronos 7 and 9

Over the last three months I have tested some hearing aids and made some conclusions – that may be of interest.

To begin with, I approached two different hearing aid sellers, Costco for the low-end and a private audiologist for the high-end. I had hearing tests done at each seller. The first one was the audiologist who fitted me with a trial aid, a BTE Oticon Agil Pro. This was a US $6300 system that was really top notch. It provided me with pretty good control in noisy restaurants while improving the TV and higher tones. It really made my computer keyboard click!

Next I went to Costco and had another hearing test. The technician The second device was from Costco and was the Bernafon - Chronos 7. The technician said there was a higher end model, the Chronos 9, but it’s only distinction was the added music channel. I wound up purchasing the Chronos 7 for $1900 and tried it for three weeks. Now, in my opinion, this device was not comparable to the Opticon. During that time the technician made some adjustments which improved my hearing performance but it was not enough. The key problem was the noisy restaurant scenario and the inability to clearly pick out sounds. And, my computer keyboard did not click.

Well, I did some research on the Bernafon web site and listened to a video on the Chronos 9 and True Directionality. Well this sounded (sorry for the pun) like what I was looking for. So, I went back to Costco and exchanged the Chronos 7 or a Chronos 9. So, was there a difference – absolutely. The 9 model is in my opinion almost identical to the Agil Pro. The noisy restaurant problem has been solved and sounds are clearer and more directional. And, my computer keyboard clicks again.


R …15…20…30…55…70…80…85
L …15…25…25…60…70…70…85

Thanks for the comparison; I have always liked Bernafon hearing aids and their sound quality, so it is interesting to get your take on the Chronos 9 vs Agil Pro.

I would be interested to know if you also have been using the Soundgate or TV streamer or any of the accessories, and if so, how do you like them?

I use the SoundGate and TV Streamer with my Bernafon Chronos 9s and can report very good results. Not as good as a pair of stereo headphones that totally cover the ear, but good enough to listen to pleasantly. The sound is very full and deep if I put my thumbs in both ears (covering the receiver in the ear) so a lot of bass escapes the ear rather than going in. But, the sound itself is very good IMHO.

Phone calls are loud and clear.

One thing to also add is that on the Chronos 9s, they advertise 4 programs that can be set. It is really more like 6 because the phone and music channels are IN ADDITION to the 4 program slots. When you activate either the “Phone” or “Music” via. the Soundgate, it overrides whatever base program your are in. Then when you disconnect, the HAs revert back to the original base program you were in.

I know some of the Siemens variants advertise five programs, but if you want to use their “phone” and “music” streamer, you have to allocate 2 of those 5 programs to those functions. So that means they only really have 3 base programs. Or you can have 5 base programs and zero streamer features.

Soundgate or TV streamer

No, getting the aids was a big step [for me] and TV clarity has improved enough to keep my wife happy :slight_smile:

In my business I use a phone headset a lot and the 9’s work very well.
I might look at Soundgate as we go forward.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, platypus!

I have the Pure Carats with 5… 1/auto, 2/bt phone (2 possible phones), 3/miniTek (tvlink, bt pc’s, mp3, tablets, etc plus cab;ed devices), 4/SpeechFocus (great for driving or other situation where you want to hear folks but can’t turn your head). I have tried a bunch of other programs in 5 but never keep them because 1 & 4 cover everything just great.