Comparing Starkey Zon 5 And Bernafon Brite 503

Hi Im new to wearing aids and am currently trying two different aids and need some opinions what is best of the two. Starkey Zon 5 and a Bernafon Brite 503 both RIC type models. The Starkeys fits nice,are very water resistant but they sound tinney and screechy (I have been back to my hearing guy twice already) and echos when in certain rooms. The Bernafon,s sound great not screechy and no echo but don’t fit as well and they arn’t very water resistant. My hearing loss chart is like a Ski slope and I am at a 40db setting on both aids. It is hard to get any technical in on these aids. They are both the same cost $3200 for the pair. Thanks Darryl

buy what sounds best!!!