Compare phonak audeo smart v and ix

I am going to be getting my first hearing aids and my audiologist recommended the audeo smart v or ix. I have been looking at the differences between the two. Has anyone tried both of them and experienced the differences - i.e. the ix has duophone, zoom control, echo block, sound relax, and sound flow premium - while the v doesn’t have these extra features.
Will these features really make a difference?

For some the ZoomControl alone would be enough to warrant the difference in price…
You can control the directionality of the instruments (with the button on the instruments–AND even more with the myPilot)

so it depends on how you are planning to use the instruments.

Sound relax is a nice feature…as it softens sudden spikes of sound—
and obviously duophone is nice for binaural hearing with the telephone—however…if you will be using the icom you will hear from both sides anyway—

so you see…it just depends on how and if you will actually use the “extra features”

I think having these features would be helpful - if they actually work! Do you have experience with an Audeo Smart ix?

The VoiceZoom works great!
It’s something that you should experience yourself-but the directionality works fantastic if you use it appropriately.

The soundrelax does work—and in my experience it actually can work too much—but the good news is that it is adjustable.

example : Golfer couldn’t hear the sound of hitting a golf ball—he kept saying that it didn’t matter how hard he hit the ball he couldn’t hear it. lowered the sound relax and problem was solved.

If I were in your shoes…I would try the Smart IXs with the myPliot. Use the features—if you love em - simply keep em! If you don’t seem to use the “extra features” much then try the Vs. There are other reasons that the IXs are better as well—more channels, more Noise reduction, more programs within Soundflow, etc.
Remember that you do have a trial period just for this reason.

Where I work there are fairly loud fans which are so loud when I switch on the duophone feature, that it is useless. Outside of work, the duophone works well. The best phone feature is bluetooth with the iCom.

I use the zoom when with my wife in the car and that makes the IX worth the price. I use the myPilot to switch between left or right. I used the forward zoom in a noisy restaurant last weekend and that seemed to work better than the speech in noise setting.

thanks - I’m getting a better idea of what to expect.
What’s the realistic life expectancy of these HA’s and what is it that wears out or breaks?

You could try turning the mic attenuation down a bit for the duophone for the fan noise…I’d have to agree with you on the iCom being a great feature…but I’ve had some complaints regarding the sensitivity of the iCom mics. I would imagine that phones calls are tough for the person on the other line when you are at work—

Hi there. Used a Siemens years ago, it is now a dinosaur and in the market for new technology. VR (VOC REHAB) sent me to an audi who recommended the Unitron Next8 in both ears. Problem is, I start my new teaching job Monday and need to hear ASAP. VR has approved me for the costs, but it may take a year or more before my “number” comes up (I am #1,406 in line). I can’t wait this long, I need to hear the students! They don’t offer financing. Cost is around $2,400 each, total close to 5K. I went to a Beltone guy who told me he could get me 2 in the ear Beltones for $4,000 if I allowed him to take my molds TODAY, and sign papers. He stated more than once that signing the papers was only “locking in this price, which is not available tomorrow.” He also repeated that I was NOT obligated to buy the HA. He was very pushy and I felt like he would not let me leave until I signed the papers and I made him repeat that I was not under any obligation to buy. After checking consumer complaints against Beltone - which are in the hundreds, and complaints against high pressured salespersons, I have decided NOT to go with Beltone, they have an awful rep for ripping people off.

Went to another Audi who recommends the AGX9 in my Right ear only, he says my left is so shot that he would not recommend I spend any money for a HA for my L ear - says it will amplify the sounds, but won’t clarify the speech for me. He then suggested I wait until he goes to some AAA conference??? because he spoke to a Starkey rep who says they are coming out with top of the line new technology that will “turn the HA world upside down”. He says I should put off buying a HA until after April 18th. He put in a new battery in my old HA and cleaned it up for me.

All 3 audios came up with similar charts on me, profound loss in my left ear, right ear is salvagable. 2 recommended a HA for both ears. 1 says only do the R ear, but he did say if I wanted to try out another HA in my L ear, we could experiment and check the results.

Could not find any consumer complaints on the AGX - any users out there with advice? How about on the Unitron Next8? any users with advice? I need to make a decision soon. My sister will help with payments, but I want the best, price is a little issue, but am going for the best $$ can get.

Haven’t seen anyone on here with hearing loss as severe as mine.

250 - 25R, 85 L
500 - 25R, 85 L
1000 - 35R, 85 L
1500 - 70R, 90 L
2000 - 80R, 90 L
4000 - 90R, 90 L
8000 - 80R, 90 L

Thanks for any input! Need advice ASAP. I am lost!

I have had the Smart IXs for about 4 weeks now; I was trialing the Yes Vs, but decided I wanted the extra features and the onboard button.

I like the button because of the direct zoom with touch. When I’m in a very loud restaurant and bar, clicking into direct zoom definately makes the voice stand out. However, it also made the background louder so I’ am working with my audi now to tone down the background noise.

I’m still having trouble without the zoom in some other places that aren’t so loud and I think my Smart IXs should function better, so I’ll see my audi this week and have her adjust again.

My other setting for the onboard button is for the duophone. This isn’t as valuable because it requires too much time to get it going. First you have to select the program which takes time (especially if somebody is calling me). Then it takes a few seconds to click in and for the HAs to recognize the cell phone and adjust. Besides I’m able to hear fairly well in the cell phone in just regular mode.

I’ve spoken to some Smart IX users who say that they have the automatic features adjusted as best they can, then only use the onboard button to increase volume - 10 or 20 db each time you click on the button. I’m considering this but then I’d lose the direct zoom feature and that really is the winning mode.

Somebody mentioned that you could zoom left, or zoom right, but I can’t do that with my button. I think that feature requires MyPilot, which I don’t have and I’m not planning to buy right now. Maybe down the road. Has anybody had success with that? It’s expensive and just seems like another device to carry/manage/ find and use.
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What about the more channels?

What does hat add to the IX ?

Get the best hearing aid that is in your budget. The better technology is worth it as long as it is doable for you.

I use the MyPilot for the left and right zoom when in the car with my spouse and it is fantastic. I cannot use it in restaurants, however, because it seems to amplify every sound on that side for a whole city block making it impossible to distinguish any particular voice. I also use it to select Mute, Comfort in Noise, Conversation in Noise, Music, or Calm programs when necessary.

I have not heard as well for many years as I do with these HIs.

You are asking the life expectancy of newly released devices? Hopefully, no one will have a realistic answer to this question, nor to what would wear out or break. :smiley: General rule of thumb is 5 years for miniaturized electronic devices in general. I’ve had two sets of entry level or medium level aids. The YES IX’s are the first pair of top of the line that I sprung for … and am glad I did. The extra features are definitely worth the extra cost to me … especially as someone who works for a living.

DuoPhone, sound relax and sound flow premium are all cool. If you can afford the best then go that route. Especially if you have an active lifestyle.

Do you know what your loss is?

You have a good audiogram for these aids. Glad you are doing well.

Is it only the direction? You mean one aid on, and the other is off? Is that all?