Compare Kirkland 8 to Kirkland 10?

My left Kirkland 8 began eating batteries. Maybe only last a few hours. So I took it into Costco, today for a fix. Of course they “send it in” and takes 7-10 days. So I looked at the Kirkland 10. The hearing specialist could only say, “new technology.” When I asked for more she just responded, “They all have new tech.” So?

I have Kirkland 8 and wondering if the Kirkland 10 might be better?

Could the battery life be better if K10 has 5.0 BlueTooth?

KS10 are rechargeable’s so will have to charge them every night.

Seems they may have a bad batch of batteries. There is another thread about it here. I had my KS9’s serviced a few weeks back. Assuming they put new batteries they didn’t last the 100 mile drive home. Just opened the new batteries I bought. Seems they don’t last as long either. Will have to take some notes and confirm that. Just a feeling for now.

The KS10 have a rechargeable battery so shouldn’t be a problem for a long time.

Can the KS10 last through a 16 hour day?

I wear mine for around 16 hours a day, usually 30-35% charge left when I drop them in the charger before bed. Depends how much bluetooth streaming you do, I stream for one hour a day max.

he can endure more. But it depends on the damage to your hearing, if the damage is more severe, the device consumes more battery because it works at a higher power. If you use bluetooth a lot, I mean listening to music or making long calls. The battery drains faster. Some say they can stream sound for a maximum of 5 hours a day.I mean, if they want the hearing aid to last all day.

Thank you hindhaugh90, that helps. Even if my normal drai is greater than yours, I should make it.

I think I know what that image means, but it is not indicitive of everyone, is it?

Thanks Marko.

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I wear my KS10’s about 12h/day and they have ~40-50% power left when I retire them for the night.

Depends on your usage. Mine do. Light usage days at 48% for a low, heavy usage at 82%. Best part is they’ve never run out midday iwhile driving or sitting in a restaurant

Harlan, that is my concern, that I end up always wondring if I will go deaf at some inopportune time. Not worth it in my mind.

Now, if they had the ability to accept a regular battery as back up, or a spare rechargeable, that might be more acceptable.

I’m not even sure the KS10 is available in Canada yet.

Not sure of Canadian availability but website should clarify. There is an accessory battery that plugs into the bottom of recharging case that allows you to charge away from power and a chart that shows how many minutes on backup battery deliver how many hours of use. After reading my comment, I think I need to clarify. The new aid features and streaming put a bigger drain on the good old 312 batteries. I could go almost a week on my Bernafons with 312s but the KS9 312 was about 2 1/2 days on average and rather than hours before cutoff on the Bernafons, the KS9s were out in 10-15 minutes making midday changes necessary and urgent. Each day I know I now have a fully charged battery with plenty of power for the day, at least in my environment. Best of luck on your choice. Costco does give you a several month trial on whatever aids you choose.

How much bluetooth time do you have per day on them, as that will draw the batteries fast. But I trialed the Unitron model of the Marvel and I listened to the radio on it for over an hour a day when walking, and about 6 hours of TV while I do the cooking, cleaning, and even while outside with the dogs and I was easily getting 16 hours a day. So maybe you do have another bad set of batteries, but watch it and let Phonack know about the problem and see what they say, because if they really care about customers hearing then the should be willing to help right away.