Comparable Phonak power domes

I’m using the size small Phonak power dome and it feels too big in my left ear. I’ve been trying for two months now and it’s so uncomfortable.

Are they any comparable power domes that are a size smaller? I’m wary of trimming the dome itself to fit.

You could have a custom made mold for your left side, would be a better fit.

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A quick look at eBay.
Your phonak power domes are 9mm.
Smaller power domes that fit Phonak are available.

What aids do you have?


I have Audeo P90s.Those ones linked to look alright but doesn’t list the Audeo as compatible.

I actually did but they came back as the disgusting fake “skin” color and not clear. Waiting on a change but thought I’d try to find some other domes in the mean time. Audi didn’t have anything suitable.

The Phonak P90 Audeo use the 4.0 domes.
Your small power domes are 9mm.
If you could get by with the vented domes, the medium and small domes are less than 9mm.

Might be worth a try.


I have Phonak Audeo P90R’s. My audi gave me different sizes of domes when I took the hearing aids home. One was absolutely tiny! It had no vents at all. He put them all in a tiny bag. I don’t know how to describe them so you can find them…but I’m trying to offer hope that there is a solution.

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