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I ordered a minipro from 12 days ago. Since, there have been no updates about the order. I have emailed them twice but recieved no response. I will try phoning them up today. I am wondering if anyone else had such an experience?

They had run out of stock around the time a few of us were buying from them. They seemed to have kept kind of quiet about it I seem to recall. Maybe that’s what’s happening.

Thanks for letting me know. That is very unprofessional of them. Either they should not have taken the order or should have let me know that there will be a delay, post ordering.

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RE: your order…I agree. But at least you don’t have to go through China.

Thanks for the clarification.

Yeah, I am wondering if they are ordering the minipro from China itself :grin:

That is completely different from my experience when I bought a minipro kit last month. If anything there was too much status information. I must have received 6 emails with order process info and the package was sent Fedex ground next day. Have you tried

They come from China so they would be.
I just usually find it a little better experience getting things from this continent.

aggie60: When they got stock they were all communicative. But their style seems to be silence when they don’t.

Yes, precisely this email id. Now I will have to phone them up. Which I don’t fancy because of my hearing problem. :disappointed_relieved:

So, I was able to speak to them and @z10user2 seems to be right. Out of stock it is :disappointed_relieved: should hopefully ship by the end of this week.

@JajaBong did you ever get your order? I ordered a minipro and programming cables for Starkey HA’s from a month ago and they still have not shipped my order. About two weeks ago Adam claimed by email that they had to order one new cable because one of the two they had was not working correctly. Since then I can’t get him to respond at all! I have tried email and phone, leaving voicemail messages, and now they are not even answering the phone. Hope I did not throw away $330!!

Damn I wish I’d read this thread before ordering.

I ordered and paid on 28/3. No replies to emails until I contacted them through shopify. Then they said they " were boxing it up and shipping it on Monday".

It’s now Thursday and no email, so I have to assume no shipping (and no reply to my query surprise surprise)

The aids arrived from Korea in 6 days so I’ve got S4000 worth of aids and no way to program them!

I have the same issue, I ordered two Oticon OPN1’s and Its been exactly a month now , and I haven’t received them. Considering I paid around 4000 USD for these I expect replies to my email. While I was inquiring about the hearing aids and showed intent to buy , Adam replied too all my emails immediately was extremely active. When I made the payment - things changed. It was like no one worked at the company any more , no replies to my email.

At this point , I am honestly worried about my money. I am not from the states and 4000 USD is a large amount for me.

Did someone recently make any purchases? Did you get your order? What can I do to get my money back?

Credit Card Chargeback Rights. Even it you are not from USA I think you still have Credit Card Chargeback Rights. You file a dispute with your credit card company and your money gets clawed back to you.

For what it is worth, I did finally get my order of a minipro programmer and cables from BuyHear, it just took a little longer than I expected, a little over a month. Apparently it is common for them to overpromise and underdeliver regarding the amount of time it takes to get an order filled.