Comments on the AXIO ST 32

I am about to demo a pair of AXIO ST 32 hearing aids. I was using Miracle Ear in only one ear.

I am profoundly deaf in my right ear and now show deterioration on the high end sounds in my left. I am 56 years old. The right ear went toast due to sudden deafness syndrome.

Anyhow…in the testing environment, I was very impressed with the improvement in understanding and clarity with the AXIO units.

Considering spending $6,300 for a pair.

Anybody tried this brand and if so what have been your results, opinions, etc. Thanks in advance…Charlie - Northern Wisconsin

I fit this brand regularly. It’s a great system made by the largest American hearing aid company (Starkey AKA Microtech). The feedback suppression is class leading so will give you more stable gain than anything else. The background noise suppression with the ‘speechtrax’ system is phenomenal. There’s not a lot not to like.

I suspect if you negotiate they can come down a couple of hundred dollars or so if you push. Or negotiate for a longer warranty or batteries or something. It never hurts to ask!

Although I am a big fan of Starkey product, my least aid (if you exclude those annoying little local companies that make their own) is probably Miracle Ear, so what you are looking at should be a big upgrade.