Comfort in Noise problem for my Phonak S?


I have had my Phonak Audeo S aids for ten months now with great results, in most cases.

However, when I am driving at either city or highway speeds and listening to the radio or a voice I get decreased volume when the texture of the highway changes which cause noise level in the car to increase. I can be listening to music and then all the sudden the volume decreases badly until the road noise subsides. The same thing happens If I open the passenger window and increase the noise level in the car. I have no real compression problems when outside the car.

I have an appointment with my audiologist on October 3rd to have her make adjustments so I don’t have all this compression while driving. Is the “Comfort in Nose” program the main culprit here? What else might she be looking at when making adjustments? Can she lower priority of CIN, among other things? A more linear aid would be good for me both in and out of the car.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help.

Roger Burrington
Folsom, California

I had the same experience when I trialed Phonak Audeo S aids. Often happened when driving and listening to radio, as you describe, and sometimes happened when watching TV at home if some other sound source was present. When I asked my audiologist about this, he said that this is a common complaint regarding Phonak Audeo S HAs (not sure if affects other Phonak models). When I experienced this problem, I sometimes turned them off and then on again just to quickly get back to the baseline (?) setting.

Sometimes the Spice is too sophisticated for its own good. I use the manual zoom when I’m in the car for both radio and voice. Sometimes “Right” and sometimes “Forward” and even “Back” for people in the backseat. It’s a LOT louder in cars, especially at higher speeds, than most people realize. HA’s are getting impressive, but they can’t make miracles. The manual zoom feature makes a phenomenal difference but that’s just me. Everyone’s hearing is different.

On October 3rd the audiologist changed my aids to semi-linear mode with great success, particularly in the car. Less compression has been a real benefit.

Roger Burrington

Can you describe in more details what you hear better or worse when you changed compression setting?