Comedies Without Laugh tracks

If you have difficulty hearing over the always too loud laugh track or just resent being schooled on what’s funny or not, Google the above. Here are a few:
Arrested Development
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Peep Show
Eastbound and Down
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Silicon Valley
Master of None
The Office
Modern Family
Parks and Recreation
30 Rock


Laugh tracks are a huge pet peeve of mine. My wife and I tried starting a series a week ago (Last Man Standing), and turned it off immediately after the first obnoxious studio audience laughter. We weren’t having any of it.

Here are a couple more comedies without laugh tracks that my wife and I have personally enjoyed recently:

New Girl
The Goldbergs
The Good Place
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Young Sheldon

Closed Captions, low or no sound is how I do it. Silicon Valley is a comedy? It’s on my watch list but I assumed it was a drama.

Not only a comedy, but a hilarious comedy!