Colorful audiogram

Some 4 years ago I added my audio gram to my profile. I see there is a colorful graphic presentation now. I search the forum and found these instructions…pasted below.

These instructions fall apart at Click on Add My Audiogram below the chart…no such option.

Is my old test version I added several years back in the way?? OR ??

This site has a way to put in ( enter upload ) your audiogram and not just uploading an image.

Click your icon in the upper right
Click on the little preferences gear icon in the upper right.
Click on Expand in the upper right.
Click on Hearing Tracker Profile in the upper middle-ish area.
Click on Add My Audiogram below the chart.
Here you can double click to place.
Be sure to choose right or left ear in the lower right to move or place an o or x.
The minimum required is .5, 1, 2 and 4 KHz.
Blue = X = left
Red = O = right
For these purposes you only need to find the x’s and o’s.
Moving and placing the x’s and o’s around can be a little finicky so if you’d prefer, click on Manual Entry on the left side.

Adding an Audiogram seems to be the single most difficult thing to do on this forum. Try going to this link and adding your audiogram or editing it.

My Audiogram

Thanks…easy enough once you got the link. Wonder why that link isn’t put in bold print under ones profile?

I have absolutely no idea where that link exists on the site. I have looked for it many times. I found it this time by going to the Forum Support threads and looking through threads. Thanks needs to go to Z10user2 for posting the link.

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The graphical interface for entering audiograms is not currently available. It’s being worked on and we’ll let everyone know when the issue is fixed.

Thanks for the update @rasmus_braun. It was kinda finicky anyway. But kinda slick too. But there really should be a link to the Manual Entry in the avatar/gear icon/Preferences Profile page at least in the meantime.
Right under the link saying Hearing Tracker Profile.


Yep…the manual method I used that Sierra gave the link to…works fine. Why you don’t have a link to it is beyond me.

I also need to update my audiogram, I’ve spent the last 15 mins looking how to do this. I’ve just given up!! I just can’t work out how to go about this supposedly easy task. That is a mammoth problem to this IT dummy!!! :weary: It’s a shame you don’t have the facility for 2 audiograms so that people can see the improvement after a CI Implant has been done. @AbramBaileyAuD Or even a different colour on the same chart for CI users

I will add a link to the nav. Sorry about that. Great point.

Feel free to PM me your audio and I’ll update it for you :blush:

The link earlier up the thread gets where you need.
I added a new audiogram but it didn’t show. So I just overwrote my first with the newest and that one shows.

I remember there being some complaints about the graphical entry, which is why I zapped it. But, I can revive it if people miss it.

Added a link on the top bar. Refresh the site to see it.

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Weird, will look into that. Should read the newest one …

I also entered a new audiogram, but the old one is still displayed. The old test is dated 2018-01-31 and the new test is dated 2019-08-07.


@AbramBaileyAuD thank you, I will get a new one next week from the CIC and send it to you.

So we updated the rules for how an audiogram is pulled from our system… Now we display the audiogram with the most recent test date first. If a test date isn’t added to the audiogram, we choose the most recently created one.