Colored earmolds picture thread

I wanted to start a thread where people with coloured molds could post pics of them. I’m curious to see them so post with the hearing aids in your ear or out of your ear!

Maybe this will encourage other people to get coloured ones too!



20200814_123339 (Custom)

20200731_154644 (Custom)


Love it! Awesome colour!

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Mine are clear and I’m glad!

I like the little dingle balls on the tube.

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Thanks. My friend made them for me.

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@jwjensen356 Curious what you mean by this comment given the stated purpose of this thread?

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I have domes but if I had moulds I would definitely not have clear ones! Love your dark glittery one @Zebras




I know your hearing loss has changed but how do you find the Resound compared to the Phonak?

I’m thinking about changing to Resound.

@Zebras Well, compared to the Phonaks (reminder, I had Audéo Marvel 90 312Ts) the battery life on the Resound is astounding. I would typically get 4.5 days with the Marvels, and I’m getting more than double that with the Resound while at the same time increasing the audio power output. I haven’t actually killed a battery yet; I’m on my second, having got them on the morning of the 30th, but I only swapped the battery because I was going to be out of pocket for a day and couldn’t risk the battery dying. So I don’t yet know how long the battery will last.

Sound wise I can’t really say since it’s a totally different setup now. I wouldn’t say my understanding is improved spectacularly. I definitely notice the lack of high frequencies compared to my CI, but that just might be my ear since I have no response up there. The Bluetooth isn’t as reliable outside, but it wasn’t great with the Phonaks either. If I hold the phone in my hand it’s fine but it cuts out in my pocket. The Resound uses ASHA whereas the Phonaks were old fashioned Bluetooth so there’s probably learning to be done there. Might also be related to my phone, who knows.

@zebras one thing I forgot to mention, since these are ASHA they use the phone’s microphone vice the microphones in the hearing aids so that is something I got used to with the Phonaks is a little bit of a bummer.

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Phonak is a hearing aid that can seem very artificial to many. I would recommend trying something else for sure.

Just have to comment on the gorgeous molds! I am currently wearing domes, but would definitely do something like that if I have to go to molds. I also like the purple Aid. My old Resound aids are bright red. Right now I am demo’ing many brands and I really MISS my RED aids! I got them because if I happen to take them out and set them down somewhere, being RED, I can FIND them!! The silver and black ones DISAPPEAR!! And the funny thing is that with bright red aids and VERY short hair, NO ONE notices that I wear a hearing aid!!!
I think we should make hearing aids MORE visible - - look at the folks walking around with Bluetooth devices sticking out of their ears - - no one thinks that is a “handicap.” Let’s make hearing aids something everyone WANTS to HAVE because WE can connect to our phones without wearing a separate device sticking out of our ear!!!