Collecting screenshots, help please

Ok, so I need information to compare how HAs have got low frequency covered.

So those of you who have sw, please can you make test fitting, choose latest RIC model in top level of technology, and expand to see all handles for the fine adjustments, and make a screenshot. So, my main goal is to see how different distributions are and especially how they look at the low end.

So please ensure that you’ve turned on to show maximum of available handles. I expect it’s around 20 or more. So, I need that fine adjustment table.

And please don’t forget to write me what is the model since I don’t know them all.

Thank you so much!

Phonak marvel m90, and starkey livio ai edge I already have.
So from the top of my head, I’d like to see oticon opn s1, resound quattro linx, signia nx or what? And any other you think it’s worth mentioning / comparing.

Please and thank you

Hey Blacky,

Oticon Genie is available on the clearnet at Client Systems Support & Remote Assistance.

Otherwise I can only help you with stuff that you already have.