Cocklear implants are they worth it

Can someone help me , I am serious /profoundly deaf and several DRs have talked of an implant. But at our hearing group there is a mixed opinion about the success for the effort involed . I dont need them yet but am trying to get a wide opinion. What is your experiences please

Thanks Casey Australia

My friend had trouble hearing with hearing aids. One ear worse than the other. She had a cochlear implant put in the worse ear. Since then she is able to hear much better. She doesn’t have to fake it anymore. But she said everyone sounds like Smurfs. She has had it for 3 years I believe. She was deciding whether to have the other ear done. She decided not to. So she’s able to hear much better with one. Hearing aids have come a long way in the last few years. She’s 70 and I can guarantee she is not being given the best hearing aids she could get.

A requirement for CIs is first trying out the best HAs. Many people(25-50%) could have avoided a CI if they had properly fitted and programmed HAs.

Thanks for the info sorry about the late response

Thanks for the info sorry for the late reply I think I will Perservere with my HAs they are the best available


I know many. Mostly people who have lost their hearing as adults, who do quite well with the C.I.'s and love them! A good example is when I am driving and there are 3 other passengers with C.I.'s and we pull into a drive through window at Starbucks. I am closest to the speaker but I can’t understand a thing and I am wearing hearing aids. The C.I.ers in the car can all understand what is being said, even in the back seat. This scene plays out in almost every environment. I would never guess they have a hearing loss…it’s that good! They all talk freely on their cell phones too. The biggest difference though, is at night, when they take off their CI’s they are completely deaf. In a quiet room my hearing is almost normal. My Otologist tells me that because of this, he couldn’t ethically recommend a C.I. for me. I feel left out in many ways.:frowning: