Cochlear Options

I’m very interested in a cochlear implant for my left ear. I have about a 60-70% conductive hearing loss. I’ve been using Aftershokz for phone conversations and watching videos and it was been wonderful hearing equally in both ears. Sound has been so much more clear using them.

I’ve been struggling with the different hearing aids I’ve tried. The latest and best uses a more powerful receiver for my BTE RIC but it’s still pushed to its limits and becomes distorted. I really struggle during work meetings and networking events. From what I’ve read on here, it sounds like a bone conduction aid would really help.

After surgery, what has been the cost for the hearing units? How long do the batteries last if not connecting with bluetooth?

I need to meet with my doctor to review but are they able to place the implant directly behind the hear instead of way up and back like I see for so many?

Are implants product/brand specific or universal? Would I be able to change brands or models and still use the same implant?

I like the looks of the Opticon Pronto 4. Is this available and does anyone know of the costs?

Thanks for your help!

First of all, you should know that cochlear implants do not amplify sounds unlike hearing aids rather it directly stimulates auditory system by channeling sound cochlea. If you want to live your life carefree, when you can swim with your hearing intact, implants are sure way to go.
However, once the surgery is done, does not mean you are 100%. Rather you need some significant therapy in order to get used to your implants.

I want to make sure I’m using the right terminology since the Opticon Pronto 4 is like what I’m wanting. Is this called a Cochlear Implant? If not, what is right?

From peak at the literature, the Pronto is a BAHA (bone achoring hearing aid). These are usual to treat middle ear conductive loss issue and the cochlea is function whole or enough. A cochlear implant is for inner ear (cochlear/sensory neural loss) where the cochlea is minimal or non functioning but auditory neave is still functional.

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Thanks for the clarification! I thought BAHA was a name brand model. Shows how much I know.

To clarify, I’m wanting to know more about BAHA and not Cochlear Implants as I only have conductive loss.