Cochlear Nucleus 7 - Most useful accessories with current technology

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I know this topic has been touched on before, but I’d like to ask again in 2021, as connectivity has improved and Cochlear has updated it’s technology. I am looking closely at the Nucleus 7 Cochlear processor as I am getting ready for a CI sometime this year. It is my hope that I might not be so dependent on things such as streaming phonecalls and TV. So I would like to draw on the experience of those who have been using the Nucleus 7 and their opinion on the accessories and their usefulness. With all the gadgets on offer, it leads me to wonder exactly how much improvement I can expect from the Implant!

Phone Clip - I was really hoping I might regain the ability to hear on my mobile phone without streaming by just holding it to my ear like a normal person - or putting it on speaker. Is this realistic? Or is handsfree talking the object of the phone clip?

Mini Mic2+ - does this take the place of any of the other accessories? If it can be used on a table to pick up group conversation - would it work at picking up the dialogue on the TV, thus negating the need for a TV streamer? Again, is it realistic to think that getting an implant might give me more speech recognition so that I won’t need these extras?

Aqua Kit - As I spend summers beside a lake, I think this accessory (though it seems ridiculously expensive) would be practical so that I can feel more secure in a canoe etc. without feer of landing unexpectedly in the water with my processor on. I’m not entirely sure that I would feel confident actually wearing it for swimming, though. Thoughts?

Battery Chargers - USB charger, or Y charger, or both?

I understand everyone’s lifestyles differ, but I would be very interested to know what accessories you consider essential and why? Thanks in advance!

This is a curious and odd statement.
Are you asking about implant satisfaction or about how and which accessories are best?

Sorry, I guess I am a bit unclear. I am getting my first implant. As I research all the different brands and their processors, they are all offering so many accessories that I am beginning to wonder what I am actually going to be able to hear with the processor on its own. I understand the practicality of an accessory like the Aqua kit, or extra rechargeable batteries, perhaps a spare charger. But I am wondering how necessary the other accessories like a TV streamer or mini-mic, will be if my hearing of speech is supposed to improve with the CI. So, I guess I am seeking other people’s experience - did some of their accessories end up staying in the box, is there a gadget they couldn’t live without? If I am allowed choices in the accessories, I want to choose things that I will actually need. Am I making any sense at all?

For me the only accessory I use is the TV connector. That might not be needed in a few more months.

Seems I have been tied up just trying to learn speech and get word/sentence understanding percentages up. Haven’t really thought about using the accessories. I have the remote, Aqua kit, mini mic 2 and TV connector. I haven’t pulled anything out of the box except the TV connector.

I have found that understanding people around me gets much easier in a few months after activation. The times that are difficult are in very windy or noisy places. The Nucleus 7/Kanso 2 has forward focus to hear in front and block surrounding areas very well, no need for accessories in my opinion, at least not yet. If I had a job or responsibility that involved meetings accessories might be needed but not sure.

My first thought to your post was, why get an implant if you have to use accessories.

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Yes, your last question was the one that was niggling at me! Volume isn’t the big issue for me, it’s word recognition. So if my upcoming implant can improve that, perhaps I won’t have the need for a TV streamer or mini- mic and would be better off getting other accessories. I am very interested in your rehab and I appreciate your sharing. Thx.

You replied on the thread I put out implant updates on a couple days ago, Evaluation Process for CI’s. Read through it.

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Thank you. @Raudrive. There is much to consider and I am just trying to be prepared. I appreciate your help. This forum has been my best resource so far. I have also just discovered a few You Tube videos by CI implantees which have been helpful too. I am so grateful for the technology that allows us to share information, and grateful to all of you who are so generous with your time.

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With the phone clip, it depends entirely what hearing aid you are going to get. EG if you are purchasing a new GN Resound aid make sure you get a 3D or Quattro aid. Then you won’t require the phone clip at all. As those models both support direct streaming to the N7. You only needed a phone clip with the older platform aids Enzo2 or the N6 processor. The phone clip is also useful for answering the phone and not having to have the phone in your hands. The 3D and Quattro can be programmed to use the phone clip but not your able to use both methods. It’s one or the other. With the phone clip you have a lag between the R&L ear of about 5 seconds. With the 3D the lag is about 1/2 a second.

Mini mic 2, I have a mini mic but I’ve never used it once. All I use is live listen on my iPhone. But this all depends on the level of hearing retained if any.

Aqua kit- only required if you do a lot of swimming or water sports. It’s also handy if you like going to the beech, it prevents sand from getting in your processor.

I have a Y charger and I’ve never required the USB style. The USB would be handy if you do a lot of car trips I would imagine.

TV streamer I don’t require one.

You don’t have to get all the above items. You can take a voucher instead. Then if you find you do need one item just purchase with the voucher, or when you need new coils or other spare parts use the voucher then.

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Good insights, @Deaf_piper, I’ve taken notes! I do spend a lot of time near the water, so I think the Aqua kit is an obvious choice for me. Yes, I have to keep in mind that I will probably get a Resound HA either at the same time or in the near future - and should come with a selection of accessories as well. Yes, I will ask for a voucher. I would prefer to see how I manage before I make all my choices. With my latest pair of hearing aids, I was not offered this option, but asked if I could delay choosing one of my accessories. I soon realized how the streaming pendant was becoming something I really depended on for phone calls (such as they’ve been) and I ended up requesting a second one. I always have a charged one at the ready — and I also feared the original might give out before my hearing aids did, so I wanted to have a spare. Ironic now, as I can hardly wait to be rid of that thing hanging around my neck - although I have to say Widex had the most attractive streamer. Many people think it is a funky piece of jewelry.