Cochlear Nucleus 7 - 8 months post implantation

Hello all, I received my implant last June. My back story is: 41, Male, hearing declined to the point where I could barely talk on the phone or in person unless I was familiar with their voice. My Right ear was pretty much deaf all my life and my left ear was severe to profound by the time of surgery. I elected to have the surgery in my right ear in case the implant did not help me… I’m very happy with it so far. I also bought the Resound hearing aid because I still have residual hearing in my left ear.

I have noticed that after my 4th or 5th adjustment where the hearing was getting better and better, that my hearing with implant only has changed a bit. I wouldn’t say for the worse, but things just sound a bit…different. I can still hear people somewhat clearly and can talk on the phone, but the sound is a bit… duller? My audiologist said its normal and likely due to the fact the nerves have gotten used to the stimulation. So I went in for another adjustment and it didn’t really improve things. She was able to put my old settings on for comparison, and I really noticed no difference at all. I have tinnitus in my left ear, and during the tone adjustments, I think it affects my ability to hear the beeps, and also causes me to hear beeps/tones when they’re not being played.

I am curious if anyone else has had an experience like this? I’m still very happy with it. The only problem I have with it is that when I stream music at a comfortable level, it sometimes causes overstimulation inside the head and I can feel pressure behind the area where the processor resides. I will then turn it down a bit to where I feel no pressure and then the music is softer and not as enjoyable anymore.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

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Did you have tinnitus in the ear you had the CI done? If so, did that go away with the CI?

Curious about the phone too. How do you you use a phone with a CI?

I am also wondering about the sounds getting duller. Has that improved? Does the duller sound lower speech recognition?

Thanks for your help.

No I did not have tinnitus in the implanted ear. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max and the nucleus app is helpful enough so that I don’t need the accessories. I stream music through it as well as calls. I can also block out background sounds while streaming by turning down the microphone which is pretty cool.

My audiologist added a microphone sensitivity mode and I’m wondering if that has something to do with the change in audio. I told her that I could hear people in the next booth at a restaurant and one time I heard a guy aggressively Stabbing his salad at a restaurant as well! I don’t think it’s affected speech recognition however as I’m still functioning fine on the phone and while out and about.

It’s nothing short of a miracle going from 0 to about 60% hearing in the implanted ear. In my booth tests, I am about 98% with aid and implant on quiet and respectable in noise (I forget the number). With implant only in quiet I’m about 60 iirc but since the test has no visual cues I don’t find it realistic to real life so I would say I’m actually much higher. Implant only with noise I think I’m around 20-40%, again not realistic as I’ve been in noisy situations and have been able to hear much more with lip reading.


Thank you for all that information.

The Nucleus 7 is the array inside your skull, is that correct? Or is it more than that?
The device that magnetically holds onto your head, is that also part of the Nucleus 7?
The man I bought a set of Naida UP aids from had 2 CI’s done. He had what I described as hockey pucks above each ear. Each held 675 batteries. His ball cap fit over them easily. I ask because I see CI’s that have wires that connect to a hearing aid looking device over the ear. What is it that I am describing?
Thanks again for your help.

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The Nucleus 7 is the outside part. It looks like a behind the ear hearing aid with a cable that connects it to a disk that is connected to the internal array by a magnet. The hockey puck style is called the Kanso (assuming it is from Cochlear, Med-el also has one like that). Both styles have their advantages, but I believe the Nucleus 7 has the better tech at this point.



Is the Kanso hockey puck style bigger than the over the ear style? It looks like it is.
A guess it would have to be to hold the electronics and batteries.

Would phone calls be limited to Bluetooth only if a person had two CI’s?

I have terrible tinnitus, do CI’s get rid of tinnitus?

Sorry about all the questions.

Thanks again for any help.

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Yes the kanso is bigger. But I think it could be hidden by a hat. I can’t remember what my audiologist said was the benefit over the nucleus 7, but iirc she said the kanso has more complaints from users than the nucleus in regards to speech recognition delay? Something like that. She did tell me there’s no cure for tinnitus but I did read that the surgery sometimes helps with it. However I won’t know for a long time as I still have residual hearing in my left ear and a hearing aid is still beneficial.


Thanks for that information.
After 45 years of tinnitus it might be very odd not having it.
My hearing is pretty bad, 12% in each ear at 90 dB.

You should get tested to see if you’re a candidate. With residual hearing in both ears, if you got implanted in one ear you could possibly hear “normally” again. I’m sure everyone is different but it can’t hurt to go in and try.

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I could see the Kanso being useful if you have smaller ears especially if you also wear glasses, the N7 is pretty large. However the N7 has a rechargeable battery option and can also have a forward focus option for focusing on speech in noise.

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@pathurley the reason I didn’t get a Kanzo was it either didn’t have WiFi or BT. I can’t remember which it was though. But the latest model could well have both now.

@Raudrive I had tinnitus pre op as well as post op. It’s now been 2-3 weeks since I last heard my tinnitus. My surgeon did tell me it could/might go after several months. I’m not holding my breath though it still might come back. Fingers crossed it’s gone for good. As it only occurred when I had the SSHL, now my residual has gone up I’m hoping it’s gone. Only time will tell.

As far as Cochlear Implant companies go
Cochlear pair with Resound
AB pair with Phonak
Med-El don’t pair with any hearing aid company.

The technology involved with the pairing of the 3- N7, Resound & IOS is high tec and has a fabulous result with direct streaming to your ears. Music, phone calls, live listen, pod casts and virtually anything you want to listen to on your phone you can stream directly to your ears. And not one person can hear what you are doing. Put your phone in your desk at work and away you go. With the N7 I don’t bother with the remote control I just use my phone to control everything. Meaning if I forget to take my phone I’m stuck If I need to change anything.


How does music sound to you? I am slightly disappointed that I will be unable to hear low frequencies once my left ear goes but I will deal with it, hearing voices is more important. Currently I am able to hear everything through my implant in the right ear, and the aid in my left and music sounds pretty good and normal from what I remember, when the brain combines both ears. When I use the processor only and have the aid off, it still sounds good, but the “warmth” or roundness, as my audiologist described it, is missing. Apparently not too many surgeons can go past the two or 3 coils to reach the lower frequency part of the cochlea, and the benefits to doing so don’t outweigh the risks (if that makes sense).

Thank you so much for that helpful information. All very much what I need to move forward.

Planning to get an CI evaluation mid year. That should clear the air.

When I mentioned this to my wife I was surprised she didn’t jump up and down with happiness, didn’t say much.

@Dani messaged me earlier today. He got his CI a few days ago. It was a detailed message about his first few days, maybe he will share it with the forum. He is doing well.


@Raudrive I had messaged my status quo to deaf_piper earlier this day, too, she has helped me so much in the past and today.


@Dani you are very welcome, as is anyone going through the challenges of getting a CI. No one deserves or needs the negativity from members that’s been going on here on this board. I got it and so many others have who have made the decision to better their hearing life and life in general.

@miketheheenan music to me is really great, sound good, pitch, fullness etc all good, providing I have my Bimodal “ears” on. Especially since my 6 month mapping, when we found my residual to be in the very “normal” range. I have an N7 with a 522 array & a hybrid EAS. But my true love in music, which I played for 47 years -bagpipes sound absolutely CRAP!!! …Sigh… OH well, I suppose I’m lucky I’ve got good hearing instead.

But if I stream everything sounds great including bagpipes but live concerts not pipes.


Regarding your wife: Her first reaction might be fear too.


My wife got confused the other day, she was used to me streaming through my hearing aids, and it was loud enough that she could hear it. I told her I needed to pause the music and she was amazed because she couldn’t hear anything.

I carry the remote, I like that there are more options on the phone app, but I can change things with the remote without people thinking I am rude for checking my phone. Besides, for now I still have to carry a remote for my remaining hearing aid, so what’s one more.

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@pathurley Out of curiosity, and I did read your CI Journey thread, but didn’t see a reference for to what HA , you are using as your “other aid.” I’m assuming you don’t have the ReSound aid that’s compatible with the Nucleus 7 CI. How is that working out with your implant? Is there any disconnect from the CI?

I will be having a Nucleus 7 implant in a couple weeks. I had bought a Phonak Marvel M90, but they won’t sync with the implant and I’m still within the 45 day trial so they will be returned. I’ll get the ReSound that will sync with the implant.

@debbie_o did the Quattro turn out not to be able to be paired?