Cochlear Kanso 2 Trade In Kits

For those that have done the trade in process (not the upgade process) to the new Cochlear Kanso 2, has anyone noticed variations in the contents of the kits?

For example, someone I know received a headband, a hair clip, and a portable charger, I did not receive these items. The portable charger is a $250 accessory. Just curious.

Ask Rick he’s about to get his Kanso2 he might be able to help answer your question Debbie.

Not yet. The audiologist ordered the N7 processors, no idea why, I asked for the Kanso2’s. He was wearing Kanso processors when I met him at the CI evaluation. Now at my activation he has Kanso2 processors, go figure. I plan to start the exchange from N7’s to Kanso2’s next week.

I will be asking about what comes with the exchange. One accessory I wanted was the Aqua Kit. I got it for the N7, that will need exchanging too. The portable charger for the Kanso2 sounds nice too.

From everything I am seeing Cochlear goes out of their way to be helpful and courteous.

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Sheryl, Rick was ordered an N7 as he said. He will be trading it in for the Kanso 2. He told the audi he wanted the Kanso 2 at activation, but for some reason, the audi ordered the wrong processor. He would have received a regular new recipient kit, plus his chosen accessories. Now, I’ll be curious to see what he gets.

I can see a difference in a new recipient kit or an upgrade kit, but why would there be a difference in a trade in kit? The only thing I was asked was a choice between getting a long or short line clip. So who knows.

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The Kanso2 exchange package should arrive Thursday, tomorrow. I will package up everything related to the Nucleus 7 and return that.

On the emailed order I noticed a headband, and long safety line. This safety line was a choice, could have been a short one or a hair clip. Looking at the order there could be a portable charger in one of the accessory packages, not sure yet.

I did let Cochlear know this Kanso2 exchange was for a new client, the Nucleus 7 was ordered by mistake.

This exchange started by email with Cochlear and ended with their chat line. Using the chat line turned out to be the perfect way to communicate with Cochlear for me not being able to communicate with them on the phone.

@Raudrive That might be why you would get the hairband and portable charger, because you are a new client. Cochlear told me everything that was sent to me were the items that should have been sent. I still have a One Plus accessory certificate left, I think I will use it on the charger. Now that you have your kit (I know the Kanso 2 isn’t programmed yet.), do you think this accessory is worth it? I do get a full day out of my Kanso 2, but sometimes let it run down before recharging it. I think that extends the life of the battery.

The hairband is $12, I’ll just buy that. I also bought 3 headbands off Etsy for my N7. The way the processor holder is on the headband for the N7, holds my Kanso 2 securely as well.

I have learned a few things since my last message to you. Cochlear’s Kanso2 exchange is for one processor only. I have been told by my audiologist I will get the second Kanso2 based on his mess up. Not sure about the portable charger at this time. After looking at it I really don’t think I have a use for it. For me being able to charge in a vehicle would be good for trips I make now and then.

The #4 magnet does not hold the Kanso2 on my head securely. Hopefully the #5 will. My understanding about this is if you have the 600 series implants you can only use up to #5 magnet.

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Did you order a size 5 magnet? By phone? I have my Kanso 2 on now on top of my hair. It’s holding so far. When I lay down. I have to use my N7. So that’s a good use for my N7. When you lay on the couch to watch TV or read a book, it works much better than the Kanso 2. It’s nice that I have a choice.

Yes, I suppose you can use the home charger in the car with the USB. It would be a bit clunky. I’m going to try and call Cochlear tomorrow and find out what a new magnet will cost, see if I can use my accessory certificate with the portable charger, and order the headband.

I ordered the size #4 magnet because that’s what I am using on the N7. Another member had to go up one size magnet when moving from the N7 to the K2. Between you and that other member having good luck moving up one size I sure hope that pattern continues with me!

You have me wondering if I should keep a N7. Seems the N7 would be easier to keep secure during activities but not sure.

How is battery life on your Kanso2?

You might very well be right on keeping an N7. I’m glade I still have it as my backup. I have one of the retention devices, a snugfit I think because the processor was falling off my ear. At first, I switched from a medium ear hook to small, that worked temporarily, but I needed more security. My snugfit works. My coil can come off and I won’t lose the device. The coil as you can see has a lot less bulk on the N7 de which is why I can lay on it. If you keep the N7 as a backup, I would suggest some retention if you are going to be active with it, just for securities sake.

It was Cochlear that advised me to go up one size on the magnet because of the weight of the K2. I’m just thinking of getting a size 5 because of the thickness of my hair for when I wear on top of my hair. The hair clip keeps me from losing the device.

Battery life with my K2 is about 14 - 15 hours. I easily can go the full day and still have like 40% left at the end. The battery should have a lifespan of 5 years. Very happy with the battery life. I also can use my N7 battery all day, I think that battery has a 9-10 hour life span, but I still need to verify if I have the regular rechargeable or the compact one. In case you are curious about the N7 battery.

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Are you using now 4 or 5 magnets? Does it stick well now with 4 or 5?

In my Kanso 2 I am using the 5I magnet. It holds much better and did not cause any issues. In my N7, I had my audi remove the 3I magnet and replace it with a 4I. What a difference in the hold. The coil on the N7 is lighter than the Kanso processor, but when I wear my hair in a ponytail, the coil would come off easily. No skin or issues with the implant with either processor/magnet on my head (implant), just more hold and less aggravation.

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