Cochlear Implant Sound Processor Hearing Aid Question

Right now I have an N7 and Kanso 2. I have the ReSound Quattro 9 that pairs with them. I also have a KS9 as a backup aid.

Next January, I will be eligible for a new hearing aid. My preference currently is my KS9 with my implant. I get more sound out of the KS9 there is more sound, carity, I hear better with this combination. They don’t pair togther, but that’s not an issue. As others have said that have used both ReSound and a Phonak aid, the ReSound is more muffled and less sound.

I’d like to trial different aids. I don’t know how a Starkey, Widex, etc. would sound to my brain. I will try a ReSound and the new Phonak Lumify. I might try Oticon Opn2 were my first HA’s before I had sudden hearing loss, but even then, Phonak’s were better. I mentioned this to my audiologist last week. She is pushing me toward the newest ReSound hearing aid in my non-implanted ear. She’s telling me I would get more sound having the ReSound paired with the Cochlear sound processor. Based on my experience now, I disagree. I feel like I’m being pushed toward a hearing aid that might not be right for me.

I know there are others here that use a different aid that the one that can pair with their sound processor and do find no issue with two different devices. I want the best hearing experience for myself. Opinions on this topic.

@debbie_o Phonak aids do pair and stream with Cochlear. N7 I’m not at all sure about the K2 though. You need to purchase 2 Phonak receivers and fit to your N7 and HA.

I’ve got a acquaintance here in Aus that does this with his Phonaks. He says if adds more weight to your devices though.

See diagram with receivers added.

If your interested in doing this ring the CA tech department to get the latest info on how to do it and how successful it is. Or ring Phonak tech department for further info. I’m not sure if the neck loop receiver will work though.

I know Med El recipients devices don’t pair and stream they use any aid they want. Maybe @Dani will chip in and offer you some advise on other aids.

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Sorry for my late response.
For MedEL you can “pair” with Phonak-HAs using Roger 20 just like you can pair Phonak with Cochlear (just a side-note, debbie_o uses Cochlear anyway).

I still believe that this is just a matter of adjustment. Your audiologist needs to increase volume for high frequency ranges. Do the adjustment at the same time your SP is turned on on the other ear. Use another HA (or program) if you use the HA without the SP.

Before my first CI I have worn 2x Phonak Naida and was happy with my own adjustments. After getting the first impant I switched to Resound Enzo on my remaining ear (so that I was able to directly stream from my iPhone, but that’s another question…) I have fitted my Enzo so that the sound on the left (HA) and right (SP) were homogeneous.
But: each time I only wear the Enzo without my SP the HA sound was terrible in the highs. Each time I put on my old Naida instead that HA it sounded muffled :smiley: (because I didn’t readjusted the Phonaks after surgery).


You then have to buy either the Roger Pen or Select to use Bluetooth with the receivers.

None of the newer Roger Mics have Bluetooth to use for phone calls.

Issue with the Roger Bluetooth is, it doesn’t have the right Bluetooth for audio either, like Music or Netflix.


Thanks all! I had no idea that you could use devices like Roger bluetooth to “pair,” is that the right terminology to a N7. Interesting. With a hearing aid, my hearing is still well enough in my “good” ear that I don’t always need to wear my sound processor around the house. When I go out, I always wear it because it provides a better all around sound. That said, when I wear my KS9 and my sound processor, I don’t notice a difference between it and when I wear my ReSound Quattro 9. So to me. It doesn’t make a difference which HA I use with my SP.

As far as phone calls for example, unless you use a speaker, a person that hears without the use of hearing devices is going to hear the call in one ear, not both. So why do I need to stream a call to both ears?

Maybe turning the higher pitched frequency up in the ReSound is an idea. The point is that I want the best sound that gives me the best hearing understanding in my good ear whether it pairs with my SP or not. I also don’t want an audiologist pushing me to the aid that pairs with my SP. There is also the type of BT the aids use if the aid uses old fashioned BT like Phonak does, I can have both the Phonak and Cochlear app. If other than a Phonak or ReSound aid, I can only have one app or the other. My resolution to that is to control the Cochlear SP with the remote control. An additional thing to carry, but not an issue.

As far as the TV, I hear well enough with my HA to listen without an additional device. Netflix comes though fine. I’m now hooked on watching Lucifer and that comes through just fine for me.