Cochlear Implant Comparison Chart

I met a really nice guy at the HLAA convention earlier this year (in Salt Lake City) who told me about this cochlear implant comparison chart. I must admit I was seriously impressed. I assumed it would have been shared on this forum before, but when I did a search of the forum nothing came up. Check out this great resource!

File obtained via:

It seems like they might need to add the Oticon Medical Neuro One. Not sure why that’s missing.

Thank you so much for this valuable resource

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Neucleus 7 listed already. official site source

@AbramBaileyAuD is it possible to have this valuable document pinned at the top of this topic where it will be easily found for future reference please?

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Done! Glad you agree, it’s a phenomenal resource.

Here’s a Cochlear sound processor comparison chart featuring:

  • Nucleus 7
  • Nucleus Kanso
  • Nucleus 6
  • Nucleus 5
  • Freedom

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It will be grateful if fitting range also included by specific hart

I took a look at the chart. Looks like the 7 has the most features followed by the Kanos. Part of the review probably concerns which models your insurance allows. I would guess the ranges are pretty similar but your doctor may be able to negotiate a higher quality version based on your needs. Mine managed that with the manufacturer’s rep for my Pacemaker. Seems some reps have a degree of flexibility on what the insurance limits allow.