Cochlear Implant Candidate

I went back for my followup with the surgeon after cholosteotoma removal in my right ear. He tells me im totally deaf in my left ear. I hear sounds only, no speech whatsoever. He said im fully a candidate for a cochlear implant in my left ear.
We didnt get into particulars I have to go back in 6 monts, that was my request.
Is it worth going through it? Do you hear well with it, lets say as well as with well fit hearing aids.

I was told medicare and my insurance will pay for most of the upfront costs, is there alot of maintenance and upgrade costs ? Like the hearing unit.
Also does it need reprogramming and who does that. I appreciate your patience with a total no nothing :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info cyborg, I have to find out if Medicare and my backup insurance will pay for the surgery and the initial unit and programming, If not I am not financially in a position to pay that. My audiologist told me its around 30,000 inititally.

Zip, If you have medicare they will pay for it. The amount depends on whether you have straight medicare or a medicare advantage plan. My copay was $25.00. I have excellent in my implanted ear after 4 months. At my 6 week checkup my sentence perception was 91% and with the implant plus the H/A in the other ear it was 95%. I will probably have the other ear implanted by this time next year. I now hear on the telephone better than I have in 15, maybe 20 years. Nucleus 5 is my implant.

I have unilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss in my left year since the last 3 months with normal hearing in my right ear. I am not sure if getting a cochlear implant would be a good solution. How would it sound as I have normal hearing on one side…would it be disturbing?

This is a late reply to Ms Singh. Probably a bit different sound but the benefit of having the ability to locate the direction sound is coming from by having bilateral hearing would more than offset any difference.