Cochlear Accessory Suggestions

I am about to get my second Cochlear implant and having trouble deciding what 4 accessories to choose. My first implant was done 2 months ago and I chose the TV streamer, multi-mic, Aqua +, and deferred the last option. So in essence I have 5 accessories to choose

My options are the following:
Phone Clip
Multi Mic 2+
TV Streamer
Aqua +
Plus One Gift Certificate

I use an iPhone so the phone clip wouldn’t be useful. I was thinking another TV streamer. I have a back up multi-mic from my Resound hearing aids. Since there are only 3 programable slots, it doesn’t make sense to get another multi-mic.

I am looking for suggestions. Thank you

I’m assuming you have the N7?
Your going bilateral, do you do much in the way of water sports? If so you will need a second Aqua kit.
What about buying some spare rechargeable batteries is that an option?
The clip on the multi mic2 do break maybe a spare one. Like you are buying a spare TV streamer.

Other than deferring to another gift certificate so you could buy replacement bits and pieces down the track.

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