Closed vs open domes in noise

Sending Bose Hearphones back. Just didn’t do what I’d hoped, but in the process realized something else about the whole open domes vs closed domes in noise issue. Even with closed domes, somebody with near normal hearing in the lower frequencies is going to hear a lot of low frequency noise. But people with a low frequency loss with closed domes are assured that the low frequency sounds they hear are processed through the aids. If low frequency gain is turned down, low frequency noise is diminished. Closed domes work partly because the low frequency hearing is impaired. I think they keep the amplification in more than keeping the outside noises out.

Well, yes and no. Yes because the mics still pick up the low frequency noise and send it to the receiver in the normal omni mode, not amplified but with just 1 to 1 volume. But no when in directional mode because in this mode, only the front sound is picked up. So in this case it actually does keep the outside noise out which come from the back and sides. Of course outside noise from the front still comes through the mic.

So for people with normal low frequency hearing, the dome still does help them in directional mode to keep the noise out from the sides and back. And in streaming mode it helps keep the 1 to 1 volume amplification of the low sound from leaking out.

I don’t think I was clear. With normal low frequency hearing, closed domes (at least in the case of the Bose Hearphones and they felt pretty occlusive and more substantial than any hearing aid dome) do not keep outside noise out. They perhaps diminish it slightly, but not dramatically. They do (quite successfully) help keep any sound the receivers supply in the ear. So what I’m saying is that the outside noise can easily get past the closed dome to enter the ear. It doesn’t need to go through the microphones. I could imagine if one had unvented custom molds that they are substantial enough to block outside sound, but I don’t think anybody with normal low frequency hearing would go that route.

OK, I see. That’s interesting. Maybe the kind of silicone on the earbuds the Bose Hearphones uses is more porous or something to let the outside noise in? What happens if you turn it off but leave the earbuds on? Do you still hear a lot of outside noise coming in as well?

Yes. (and more words to let it send :>)

I can still seem to hear my TV really well with my open dome in my right ear when doing the hoovering. I thought it’d be really bad but it isn’t because of the noise.

I use the Phonak Roger and the sound doesn’t come out the TV naturally.

Is that because my hearing aid is set really well? It’s set up for using an open dome.

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With soft silicone molds when the aids are muted it is about the best noise cancelling devices I have ever had.