Closed dome vs open dome

After trialing a few hearing aids, I have settled on Unitron Quantum 2 20 HP. During the trial, I had an open dome in the better ear and a closed dome in the other ear because, at 1000 hz, my hearing is just a bit below of what can be fit with an open dome. The audi said that the software told her to put a closed dome.

However, when the audi was setting up my new hearing aids that had just arrived, she put an open dome on both ears. I’m sure she did it accidentally. There are both types of domes in the package and I know how to replace a dome, but it turned out to be more comfortable with the open dome, so I left it as is for now. I’m not sure whether or not I’m losing on sound volume as have not been in challenging hearing situations yet (it has only been a few days). Comfort and sound quality are important to me and I find the open dome more comfortable in my ear and my voice sounds better too. So, if it turns out that I only miss a bit of volume, I will want to use the open dome.

Now, the question. Do hearing aids settings (gain or whatever it is that sets the volume for each frequency) have to be different for different types of domes? Does replacing a closed dome with an open dome decreases the volume of sound significantly? I’m certainly going to ask this the audi at the next appointment, just I’m curious now.

Hi bluemerle,

Actually, you could probably get away with using an open dome on both sides so long as feedback isn’t an issue.

To answer your question: Sometimes the hearing aid settings have to be different, or (programmed different), depending on what type of dome you are using. When you tell the software what type of dome is in use, it will (on some aids) significantly alter the gain at certain frequencies. With regards to your question about maybe losing volume when you switch from closed to open- yes, this is usually the case, but not always.