Closed dome fit


I’ve had open domes for about 8 - 9 years. I’ve always seemed to have issues not hearing properly with the open domes.

At my latest appointment I told them I’d like to try closed domes which they agreed to.

I’ve had the closed domes about a week now and so far so good, but I’m not quite sure how they’re supposed to fit.

Do I put them in so far that they cause a suction like feeling in my ear or just before they completely seal up?



If your molds are made like mine, they have little strings or rods with knobs on the outer end to pull on to remove the molds from your ear. My audi told me that when my molds were properly inserted, the “pull-strings” would be at the bottom of the valley formed between my tragus and concha - so if yours were made the same way, that would be the proper metric to tell if they’re inserted far enough - they also should just stop easily going into your ear canals, too (at least for me).

If you gently pull up and out on the back part of your ear lobe with your other hand as you insert or remove a mold, as this deforms your ear canal, you should have little or no suction or pressure. There may be enough vagary in exactly how well your mold fits your ear canal to prevent complete occlusion, still allowing a teeny bit of pressure relief - I’ve never experienced “descent/ascent in airplane”-like pain or pressure either inserting or removing my molds.



Sorry, forgot to mention. They are not molded closed domes, just regular click-on type closed domes.



I would be interested to hear if there is a “correct” fitment, however with mine I insert until I get the suction feeling and then back them out a fraction to just relieve the suction.



I would think that your provider would have changed the wires if the wires weren’t just supposed to go about the same distance into your ear as the previous open domes you wore.

I would think your provider could run a feedback test for you to see how much occlusion you’re actually getting. With “power domes,” which are essentially closed domes, I could never get as much occlusion as with custom-made molds and the results showed up graphically in the feedback tests. Since I got into DIY (an expensive option), I could run as many feedback tests as I wanted but probably because of irregularities in the shape of my ear canals, I could never find a off-the-shelf regularly geometrically shaped dome that was both comfortable to wear (for not pressuring my ear canals) and gave me as much occlusion as I wanted.

But if you find the right distance to insert your click-on domes and are happy with the result, it’s probably not worth worrying about any of the above.



Thanks RichG. That’s what I’m currently doing.



If a patient has that suction when removing the aid, I will cut a slit, top and bottom in the dome. That suction can be quite uncomfortable, and having the slit in the dome keeps it from sealing in the ear like that, without affecting sound quality or performance.

Good luck.



iRobert, I do the same thing as Rich G. When I’m at home alone I usually just leave the closed domes pushed all the way in. The occlusion doesn’t bother me then.
But in social situations I’ll pull the domes out a bit to relieve the occlusion, and then I’ll usually bump up the volume a bit. That gives me a more natural sound that I prefer while engaging in conversation, especially in noisy environments. I might try cutting a slit in the top and bottom of the dome. That is worth a try. Thanks Eric for the suggestion.



They should be pushed in until the wire or tube lays flat against the side of your head, and they will probably seal if they are the right size for you.

I use a custom mold that has the select-a-vent, a large vent with inserts with various size vents. I can find the insert with the smallest vent I can stand and I hear better but not totally occluded, and not sealed.

The mold is about the same size as a dome and goes in just as far.

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Just to add to my answer, I am very new to HA and decided to try some NHS ones, these were fitted with a double dome unvented. I very rapidly decided to go down the self programming route and bought some ebay Siemens Binax 7 and stated with double domes again.

Then I started experimenting, because I could :slight_smile: and tried some vented domes, liked the sound and lack of suction a lot but could not get the gain to where I wanted it.

Then upgraded to some Siemens NX Charge & Go, great not having to change batteries and tried some Vented Sleeves which I am running with now. Extremely pleased with these, no suction, can get the gain as high as I could with the double Unvented domes. They are by far the most comfortable, stay put in my ears and I never find myself checking them.

So perhaps they just happen to suit me but worth a try. Only small downside is that the small vent holes can get waxed, so I fully clean each night, but a small price to pay for the comfort & performance I get.

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I never heard of sleeves. I usually use custom molds and have Phonak aids and these sleeves seem restricted to Siemens.

Judging from the picture, I would say that they land somewhere between domes and custom molds. They are available with a vent and without.

If anybody has experience with the unvented sleeves, especially in relation to its valve effect or hopefully lack of suction, please post!



I have not tried unvented Sleeves but think I have read somewhere that they have a single small vent hole??

This is a useful document on the sleeves and confirms what I found that the vented Sleeve performs as well as an unvented double dome

Not sure if they are just a Signia thing or if other manufactures have something similar?



I use the vented sleeves, but once they accidentally put on the unvented ones. I didn’t notice any suction effect. I did notice some occlusion effect that encouraged me to go back to vented ones. Note: the unvented ones have one very small hole that would be easy to clog up with wax. Also, as you mentioned, these are only for Signia and subsidiaries (Rexton, Miracle Ear, etc.)



I’ll try the slit and see how that works.

I find towards the end of they day they don’t suction as much with oiliness and moisture in the ear which causes them to slide out a bit instead of staying put.



The slits work for a while, but they get glued shut by earwax quite rapidly. So with both cases you should clean more than once a day.

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