Click sleeves for Costco KS8

I went to Costco today to get Click Sleeves for my new KS8.0 hearing aids. I was wearing double-domes and they were OK but I have to push them far in, in order to not have occlusion. I have an appointment to have impressions made but I wanted to try the click sleeves first.

Well, they do work better than double domes. It is easier to get them deep and so far no irritation or any problems. They stay in place and even though they are closed, no occlusion.

So they are doing what I wanted, a comfortable way to have a deep fit that is both closed and not occluding.

The sound is slightly better than double-domes and I’m not sure why, maybe the domes were not pointed correctly.

I’m going to cancel my appointment as I believe these will work, and I don’t have anything else that needs adjustment right now. I will live with these for a month and then see what I think.

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Cool! Thanks for the report. Signias write up of them sounds impressive, although that’s typical of manufacturer’s write up. I can also see that just having two basic types (vented and unvented) would be a lot simpler than having open, semi open, closed and double domes.

I have some click sleeves ordered and hoping they will solve some of the problems I have with the open domes I use now. Thanks for letting us know how you thought about them.

Well, I have tried the click sleeves for a couple of weeks. The closed ones are still not comfortable (but sound great) and the vented ones are very comfortable but I have a harsh distortion with some sounds. So, I can take my pick, good sound with occlusion or comfort with distortion.

I go back to my audiologist Friday. Maybe molds will solve this. On my previous pair, the Resounds, I had the soft molds with a Select-a-vent and they were very comfortable.

I have severe hearing loss from otosclerosis and have been told I need a deep shell power bte power hearing aid. Would you please try to describe the different shells you have tried. I have no idea what any of them even remotely look like.

You would need the hi power receiver for the KS8, and it only comes with an encased mold. The mold is built around the receiver. It’s not a bad thing, but that is their only option for the hi power receiver.

It took Rexton three tries to get a mold for my left side that did not occlude. Finally got one that almost reaches deep enough.

I have similar loss, but maybe not at lower frequency. I get by with the P receiver in an acrylic custom mold with 0.8mm vent. Don’t have and occlusion problem or feedback issues with the Signia NX. I think you go to HP when the low frequency loss is very serious.