Click n Talk not going to both hearing aids, why?

I have just got my click n talk and I tried phoning my dad.

When I answered the call, my hearing aids beeped going in to a programme (not sure what tho) but my right connected straight away and my left was going mad with beeping but then when I put the phone on my left side, it stopped going mad.

I would rather know why it is not connecting properly on my left so I don’t have to always hold it on my left and can swap ears when I want to.

I must say it is very clear and I do like it.

Does anyone know what programme is goes in to? My my pilot doesn’t change screens.

I only have the following programmes
T Coil

Anyone else use one and had trouble?

Thank you.

Phonak have confirm it should not be doing it so sending it back to the place I ordered it from. Now going to get a ComPilot now…