Click domes for Phonak?

I keep seeing posts here where people here seem to really like click domes. having never heard of such, I looked on eBay and did see them, but not for Phonak. The pictures didn’t seem to show a lot of detail. I looked for different sizes and 10mm seemed to be the largest, so I ordered some. They arrived today, and look an awful lot like regular open domes I have used before. They looked a little small for my ears, but I thought I would try them on my Audeo B50s. Pulled the old double domes off and the click dome didn’t “click”. Seems Phonak receiver design is different. Does Phonak make a “click” dome? I am looking for something that gives less occlusion. Even open domes give me that “finger in your ear” feeling. It isn’t physical discomfort, it is like having stopped up ears. My own voice is the loudest thing I hear. I know that I will likely have some issues with feedback if I go that route.

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I doubt click domes will change that to any great degree. In time you’ll quit noticing the feeling. And the aids can be adjusted for your voice where necessary.

As to domes, most fit other brands.

They do look a lot like regular open domes.
No, I don’t think I will ever get used to having something in my ear. Between that and the tinny sound, I rarely wear the things. Since I retired, I don’t have that much social interaction where it would matter anyway.

I’ve been using regular domes for my Phonak HA’s for about 5 years now and I’m still not used to the feel of domes in my ears. You’re not alone.

And I often have to turn the bed lamp back on because I forgot they were in.

Try a drop or two of Eargear or similar.

Click-domes, click-sleeves, and click-molds are used on Signia/Rexton/Costco KS8.0 hearing aids. They might accidently fit another company’s receiver, but not likely.

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