Clearsounds Quattro and Naida

Hi all!

I have been enjoying my use of the Phonak Naida V UP aids for about 2.5 years now. I’m trying out something new as for ALDs for the phone/TV/computer etc. I just purchased a Clearsounds Quattro Model # QUATTRO

I’m having a bit of success using the Quattro in stuff like voice recognition and WebCaptel situations. The only caveat I have is the lack of residual sounds for hearing my own voice while speaking.

I’m suggesting with my audi to make an adjustment from Tcoil to Tcoil+mic. The only issue with this is the external mic will pick up all background noises. I noticed on my simulation iPFG software that there is a parameter for reducing the attentuation on the external mic in Tcoil+mic mode. This can be adjusted up to -30.

Anybody have any advice regarding this move? Any other ideas of note? I will be having a visit with my audi today at 1pm, so any suggestions will be appreciated…



I just got back from my audi. I had my Tcoil changed to Tcoil+mic. In addition, I changed the attenuation from 0 to -30 (max allowed).

This gives me enough residual sounds to hear myself speak, as well as pick up minor sounds about 2 feet around me. Anything else farther than that is not sufficient to interfere with my speaking and hearing on the Quattro.