ClearFlex Hearing Aids

I’ve been looking for an option that would give me full control over making adjustments. I’ve seen that Starkey and Resound have some capabilities, but more along the lines of just bass/treble, volume and a tinnitus adjustment.

I looked at Clearflex. Has anyone purchased from them yet?

I haven’t purchased from them, but ClearFlex assembles their own hearing aids with off-the-shelf parts. They use the Ethos and Overtus processing chips from IntriCon. Their BTE prices range from $2200 to $2600/pair. RICs are $2800 to $3400/pair. This includes the tablet and proprietary programming box. The tablet communicates with the box via Bluetooth, and the box uses standard cables to connect to the hearing aids. The warranty is 3 years for loss and damage, and can be extended 2 years at $150/year. Beige is the only case color available. In my opinion, you can get more sophisticated hearing aids at a better price from Costco.