Clear face masks made by UA, KSU audiology students aid patients with hearing loss

So many on this forum have commented on the issue of face-masks.
I just saw this perusing google news.

Great idea. But for every million fabric masks sold, 50 clear masks are sold. Numbers don’t add up.


Locally, a woman has been making clear face masks and donating them to the staff at the skilled nursing care homes. I think she already did the one hospital we have.

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It is a wonderful idea! The problem is that me having one is pointless. Everyone I come into contact with should have one! I had no idea that I was a big time lip reader until everyone started wearing masks…

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One thing I don’t understand about them is how you breathe. Assuming they’re just like a cloth face mask (and the ones I’ve seen advertised are), which is to say against the skin all around, no air is passing through plastic, only through the cloth borders, which hardly seems enough. I bought a couple of face shields, but they don’t rest against skin.

Dan nailed this. Others would have to wear them. Not us. It’s hard enough to get people to wear any face mask