Cleaning Silicon ear molds

Any tips for the best way to clean them? Things to do, not to do, etc.? First full day wearing my first set of hearing aids and the ear molds are kind of gunked up.

I use anti-bacterial wipes just like I did with my acrylic molds. There are also cleaning solutions sold by HA supply stores in small spray bottles that will be fine when used with a clean dry cloth.

I put my aids in a Dry&Store after cleaning the molds and let them sit overnight in it. Silicone molds have been better for me than acrylic because I get less feedback.

I’ll pick up some anti-bacterial wipes. I do know from searching the net to not use anything that is alcohol based on silicon.

I use soap and water and then put them in the Dry & Store overnight.

Wipe them, dry and store. All that other stuff is kind of redundant if you have dry and store.