Cleaning microphone screens

I have ongoing problems with sound quality due to my Phonak Smart XI microphone screens getting gunked up. They are easy to replace but it requires a long trip to the audi to get replacements. The indications that there’s a problem are increasingly muffled sounds and “scritching” noise from my hair across the screens.

I have discovered a cleaning routine that seems to work well. First, I remove the dirty screens then soak them in alcohol for about half an hour. Then, I dry them on a paper towel and holding them firmly blow them out using canned air (the kind they sell to clean electronic components). Warning: hold on to one end of the tiny screen FIRMLY as the force from the canned air will launch them into orbit if you lose your grip. I grasp one end, blow out the other and then reverse my hold and blow out the other end. I also discovered that blowing them out from both directions helps. Using a magnifier you can see the before and after results.

I have two pair of these little screens and alternate them about every two weeks and have done so several times with good success.

I hope this helps someone and will welcome any further suggestions on how to deal with this problem.

I don’t know if your aids take the same filter that mine do, I have Versatas. When I got my last aid, the audi gave me a kit of 25 or 30 of them. If you want the part number of the kit, I can post it later.

Thanks, I’d be interested in the part number and availability. I live about 30 miles from my audi so extra trips aren’t convenient.

Why are you cleaning them with alcohol?

Sorry for the delay.

The package label:
Wind and weather protector (small) exchange kit dispen
REF. 054-0312

Bar code:
7 612847 264236

Hope that helps you out.


Seemed like it called for some sort of solvent. The gunk in the wind screen is a combination of skin oil, dried sweat and dust. I suppose I could try water an a little detergent. What did you have in mind?

Thanks for the info. Doesn’t look like anyone has these for sale in the US. :frowning:

Email these folks. Give them the part number, they will probably make them available to buy on their website.

Let me know, I want to get another get another pack.


Thanks. I emailed them, awaiting a response. I discovered the package I had for these had a different part number:

Microphone protection set…with program switch
REF: 004-2801-061
F-No 2659166
Bar Code: 7 612847781863

I’m guessing the parts for these things are very specific to each model of aid.

I’ll let you know when I hear back from tva.

I contacted They were very helpful, had what I needed and I’ve placed an order. The microphone screens with the program switch are $2 each. Thanks for referring their name in this regard.

I have the Phonak Audeo Smart IX. I didn’t know that these can be removed and cleaned? May I ask how you go about removing them?

There is a silver pin near the microphone cover. Can be removed with a special tool or a sharp pin. Watch it because it is easy to lose.

Actually on this model you do not remove a pin to remove the microphone screens. Phonak provides adhesive tabs intended for the removal.

Since I started this thread I thought I should follow up with new information.

My frustration with the microphone screens was the frequent need for replacement or cleaning. I ordered a package of new screens and found that Phonak apparently identified the same problem and has redesigned the screens. The earlier models had actual screens which looked like micro window screening under magnification. The new screens have four narrow slits in them. They are labeled “spice generation”. I have confirmed with a distributer that these are compatible with my earlier “non-spice” aids. They fit and seem to work well.

I suppose my only concern is that some dirt which wouldn’t pass through the old screens may get through the new slits. Of course, the same act of filtering out this dirt is what was causing the old screens to not work over time. It’s some kind of trade off going on there. Time will tell how this works out.

Just picked up the screens from the audi. They were no help, just gave me the screens and were too busy to help me out. The instructions are extremely poor! Shame on Phonak.
I believe I have the older versions REF:054-0312. They do not say Spice generation.

I was going about this all wrong. I thought the cover had to be removed with the sticky tabs. The package came with a smal tool which you use to pry open the cover. Carefull as they pop off and shoot out into the air. Under the cover I saw a rubber cover and two holes. There were no screens underneath. Not sure, I pryed off the rubber cover and quickly realized this should not be moved. I placed it back as best I could.

I’m guessing then that the aids I have never had a screen to begin with. Am I right? Or do I have to dig further and am missing something.

Ok. now I’m totally confused. I just received a call from the people at
BTW, they are extremely helpful and nice. They claim that the part I received from my Audi REF:054-0312 (Wind and weather protector, are not for the Phonak Audeo Smart IX. They are for the BTE models. They placed an order for the correct ones. We’ll wait and see what come out of this. Still confused as to why when I popped open the cover I saw no screens on my aids.

Just spoke with Ericka from the company. Really helpful. I would recommend them to everyone. She confirmed and ordered for me the correct screens for my Phonak Audeo Smart IX. Part# 0420023061 (Black). The label says Mic protection set with program switch. There is a black color and grey color.

054-0312 are for the BTE aids. They fit on Naida V & IX and a Versata M. You are on your own for the other styles.

For the BTEs, there is a small oval depression in the housing where the filter sits. I have seen 2 or 3 filters depending on the aid. The Micro styles I have seen do not use them. The plastic tool is used to pry the old filter off. Then I use the tool to make sure the new filter is seated properly.

I know this is an old thread, but does anyone know where i can order online the mic protection covers for the Phonak Audeo Yes IX (2005) BTE Ric models? Cant seem to find them here.


Seriously? Question about 12yo aids in a 6yo post!