Cleaned ear and now have ringing in them why?

I could feel something in my ear so decided to try cleaning it. First used about a coffee cup full of warm distilled water and a bit of hydrogen pyroxide, and used a bulb syringe to gently flush it in. let it soak and flush.

Next 2 cups had a bit of olive oil in it. Ear felt cleaner. I felt just a bit of balance issue, did not get dizzy or stumble, almost more of sensation than actual. noticed that a few times for a short while after then went away. Not sure how long after cleaning but ringing developed and has not gone away. is ther something I should/can do? did the cleaning cause this?

See a doctor - soon!

You may have an existing perforation - or even created one! - and have dropped some gloop into your middle ear.

I went to doctor a gp and he said wait 5 days and see audiologist
Dont know why an audiologist. he also said to take sudafed and i did. the ringing changed volume, surrounding noise did not matter. finaly about 2 weeks later it stopped briefly and came back then woke up and it was gone, got a brief ring with low volume but went awAY. THE funny thing is the other ear did it a coulple of times too. till today it is back in the origanal ear. Dont get why. The audiologist said there was nothing he could do, like I thought. I had already been tested and knew there was hearing loss. had the loss for years and last test not many months ago.