Clean phonak custom mold receiver

I have custom molds with receivers.

The right one is not putting out bass anymore. I cleaned it and changed wax guard still nothing.

I tested by plugging the vent and still no bass.

Is there a special way to clean this? I don’t want to go in to the audy office.

I can also self program these. I have the equipment and software.

Do you have an App? Can you see if increasing the bass helps? That way you can see if it’s a problem with the Aid.

I turned the bad all the way up. The left one sounds nice and loud with bass.

Right one, no bass. I can hear everything else.

Maybe @MDB could help?

I don’t actually have RIC Aids.

My RIC troubleshooting is pretty limited. If it’s not the wax guard (which is always a good guess), my next thought would be ther receiver. Audi would likely replace for free. It will cost OP if he wants to buy one and replace.

Cleaning the mold might do the trick–that is, having your audi vacuum out the inside. I’m pretty scrupulous about cleaning but recently some wax residue was partially blocking one of the speaker in the mold. Cleaning instantly made it louder. Cleaning is free at my provider–jsut walk in and they can do it at the desk. Apparently my acrylic moulds have a wax guard inside the tubing and over the speaker, which isn’t removable as far as I can tell, but which seems to be vacuumable.

I’ve had my audie replace receivers before. Have it sent in.