Claro 211 daz

I know these aids are very old. I wanted opinions as to whether aids of this vintage would be considered of much benefit for a fairly flat mild/moderate to 50/60 at 2000hz loss with perhaps some loudness issues. I presume the aids have an older style feedback control, so venting would have to be thought about. Everyone would perhaps like to have or sell the latest greatest, but there are some situations where it is not going to happen.
My first aids were sonic innovations cic, 02/03… They were not very appropriate. I was told I could play soccer wearing them. They were great earplugs. I was an idiot. 05/06 I decided I could not continue to do without. I decided the bare minimum was bte, directional mikes, volume control, telecoil, enough channels to cover my sloping loss… What do you think, is this a reasonable approach for a motivated first timer?
Are these aids worth the effort?


Please post your audio gram. I sure thought you had aids with all your knowledge of hearing aids. Not being a SA. I have a set of Phonak Savia 111 aids and remote that might work for you.

Don’t know anything about the Claro 211 aids.

Good luck

I was asking for someone else. I have a couple of claro aids I was going to give someone and just wondered what professionals and others thought about the value of that basic or older technology.

Claro’s were good in their day, but are now completely redundant and will not have any repair options should anything go wrong.

What do you mean by redundant?,being in excess,

I will suggest to the guy that he verify the ability to repair them. I have had aids repaired at Hearing Haven, They can clone your existing aids. I suppose if the chip failed you would be out of luck.

From a dispensers perspective if someone could not afford aids and these were offered for free, they would still be redundant?? Redundant means useless maybe?

Sorry, Early morning post, I meant superceded :slight_smile:
They were great aids in their time. Thye would be comparable to basic hearing aids available today, except the feedback managers are better today than on the Claro. So if someone could get them for free they will be MUCH better than nothing, as long as they can keep them working.

As long as the chip doesn’t die, 3rd party repairers will keep those Claros going for years.