Cisco IP desk phone pairing with Phonak Brio and ComPilot


Hi All!
I use Phonak Brio from Costco with a ComPilot blue tooth pendant and now require to connect it with a Cisco IP desk top phone.
I keep hearing about the MDA200 with the BT300 transmitter; However wish to know of an alternative Cisco IP phone model that would eliminate the MDA200 & BT300.
Has anyone encountered this situation and has any feedback because I’m making no progress so far.
Appreciate all your help since this is now a workplace challenge.



Are you able to use a Phonak DECT phone?



To eliminate the MDA 200 or similar device, the phone itself would have to have Bluetooth built in, not just headset port. Your Cisco rep or tech contact could tell you that. I don’t know of an office phone with built in Bluetooth.

Keep in mind it has to have Bluetooth, not just wireless or wireless headset ability. Wireless headset office phones these days are not using Bluetooth.



Corp only uses Cisco IP phones.



Appreciate the feedback.
I don’t have direct contact with the Cisco rep. And have made a note to pass along the request for a Bluetooth ip Cisco phone, if one exists.



Do you know which model Cisco phone they provided you with?

We investigated getting an 8800 series phone with bluetooth for me at my workplace, but due to the age of our callmanager server there were some issues and we ended up just using the software phone client on my computer and a Sennheiser BTD800 dongle on the computer. I’m not sure if softphones are an option for you, but it’s worth asking if they can’t provide a phone with bluetooth.

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Sharing your experince will definitely assist me and I will pass it own to the decision makers. Hopefully this minimizes the downtime while ensures a better experience.
So far the corp is strictly using Cisco IP phones for connectivity, period, full stop.
So if it’s not a Cisco phone - it is not an option.
Thanks again!



I took a look on eBay.
Searched “Bluetooth land line phone”.
A number of options came up. Maybe something you could use.